The Best Video Game Review Sites In 2021

This year has so far landed many of us with more time on our hands at home than we usually have – at the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns in nations all across the globe and instructions to maintain social distancing led to a massive spike in a number of hobby-related activities. Not least among them was a huge increase in both the number of people playing video games and the amount of time those people were spending on video games.

As a result, video game review sites have seen similarly huge traffic increases and renewed interest as so many new players have come flooding into the hobby of video gaming. Many of these new gamers are finding themselves overwhelmed by the multitude of digital storefronts, platforms, genres and games that are on offer in today’s vibrant video game industry. This article lists the best sites to visit for assistance in finding your way to the latest masterpieces or those hidden gems that you might have otherwise missed! We’ve tried to cover many different aspects of the gaming hobby and so the sites listed cover genres ranging from digital adaptations of board games, through mainstream titles across PC and console to mobile games and online casinos!

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Gaming Websites

There are more gaming magazines and reviewers with an online presence than could feasibly be fit into this article. Nevertheless, we thought it prudent to mention some of the bigger ones as they are great places to start either when looking to keep up-to-date with the latest releases or to research a title that you might be interested in getting. The venerable PC Gamer has been around since 1993 making the jump from physical magazine to digital platform along the way – it’s a solid and highly respected site in the industry and should be among your first ports of call when researching a PC game. Beyond PC Gamer, our top picks for websites containing top quality and reliable reviews are Destructoid and Kotaku – they each have their own distinct flavour, ethos and preference but both are well worth your time and you’ll quickly see which of these two well-known and much respected websites suit you best!

Review Aggregators

If you’re not sure precisely which websites or reviewers share your taste in games, another approach is to look to review aggregator sites for guidance. These sites use various algorithms to calculate average ratings across hundreds or even thousands of reviewers – that way, the score associated with the game you are researching represents the consideration of a good many professional reviewers. Perhaps most famous of these sites is MetaCritic, although its competitor in the field OpenCritic has also seen rising popularity recently. Other sites such as IGDB, the gaming world’s equivalent of IMDB, is also a reviewer aggregator as is Whatoplay, which also features a recommendation feature where games similar to the one you are researching are suggested to you.

Classic Games

Beyond these sites covering a broad spectrum of games with perhaps a focus on the more mainstream, there are also sites catering to the more niche interest. The first example of such a site that we’d like to recommend is MobyGames – perhaps the best resource for reviews of older games stretching far back into the last century. If you’re a player looking to pick up the golden oldies and enjoy some retro classics, then this is the site you’re looking for!

Slot Games

Finding the right online casino is maybe even harder than finding the best games. Alongside looking for the right aesthetic, genre, developer, etc., you’re also looking for a reliable and trustworthy site at which you’ll be spending potentially large amounts of money. LabSlots is an excellent review site dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to find the ideal online casino for you.

Mobile Games

A lot of folks prefer their games on the mobile phones, and we’ve got you guys covered also. With the rapidly increasing power of smartphones in recent years, we’ve seen an explosion of innovative and technically impressive games on this platform as well. Yet mobile games’ reputation as pay-to-win cash grabs have made it hard for the serious games on this platform to break through in a big way. That’s why sites like QualityIndex, which provide reviews for both iPhone and Android games, are a godsend. Beyond these sites, we’d also like to give a shoutout to Pixelated Cardboard, which is a fascinating project to provide reviews and information about digital adaptations of board games. This is a trending genre seeing a lot of really high-quality releases recently, and so it’s well worth a visit!