The Best Tank Heroes To Boost Your Ranking In Overwatch

Overwatch is a competitive multiplayer action shooter game with unique characters with different weapons and abilities. It assigns players into two teams of six players, and each player can select their heroes. The teams work towards fulfilling the objectives of their map within a time limit.

Tanks play a vital role in team composition and remove the damage from the team. They have flexibility in playing offensively and defensively, and they help the teams lead their objectives. A good tank can help determine a game’s swiftness and even outcome, given their skill and ability to withstand attacks.

A sequel to this game, Overwatch 2, is in development, and players can hopefully access it by next year. Until then, here is the list of overwatch boosters that will boost your ranking in the game.

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball, aka Hammond, is a fictional character in the Overwatch video game. The hamster was introduced as the 28th hero in June 2018. He controls a quadruped robot mecha with a grappling hook that transforms into a high-speed wrecking ball. Hammond is the most picked at the Grandmaster rank and is one of the heroes the current meta revolves around.

He has been vital for the last few months and is unparalleled in displacing and disrupting the enemy’s front and backline. The wrecking ball has another ability, Adaptive Shield, which adds a temporary shield based on the count of nearby enemies. His ultimate move is Minefield, in which he scatters a proximity mine around the character and runs havoc pon any team, trying to dominate their position.


Zarya, short for Aleksandra Zaryanova, is a Russian powerlifter and soldier. She can guard the hamster when he goes in and gets the free Charge. The combination of Zarya with Pulse Bomb from Tracer or Mainfield from Wrecking Ball will likely win the team fights. These combinations work in the games with minimal communication as they don’t require coordination to pull off a win.

Zarya can offer a lot of damage to the rival team when she is fully charged. If she is glowing, it will be hard for any character to burn her down or stand against her. The ultimate ability of Zarya is Graviton Surge which forms a gravity well that pulls enemies and makes them vulnerable to attack. Zarya also compliments Reinhardt and Winston, making her one of the most versatile picks in the tier.


Tracer, also known as Lena Oxton, is a first-person shooter developed by Blizzard who appears in the Overwatch video game. She is an offense character equipped with dual pulse pistols that reload quickly. Tracy is the fastest on the roster, which is the most significant advantage for the player and annoying for the opposing team.

Tracer can teleport herself to a short distance in the direction she is traveling with the help of her Blink ability. This ability is also helpful to zip behind an enemy instantly for a surprise attack or to dodge the line of fire. Her Recall ability allows her to return to her position three seconds earlier so she can quickly reset her health and reload the gun.


Zenyatta, an omnic monk, is an offense-focused support character. He wanders the world for spiritual enlightenment, and he can summon the oracles of harmony and discord to heal his teammates and incapacitate his enemies while maintaining his immunity. Zenyatta can place an Orb of Harmony on any targeted ally, helping them regenerate their health.

Zenyatta’s ultimate ability is Transcendence which makes him invulnerable to damage for a few seconds. It creates an aura around Zen that rapidly heals him and any allies standing within that aura. He cannot use any other weapons or abilities while Transcendence is active. It is the only defensive ability of Zenyatta, so use it when you are under attack, and you are around your team.


Blizzard Entertainment developed Mercy, who acts as a healer for her team. A player using Mercy can see colored ghost images of their teammates, and the color indicates the health level of the teammate. She has Caduceus Staff, which possesses two firing modes, and Caduceus Blaster, a gun dealing effective damage at close range. Valkyrie is Mercy’s ultimate ability, providing her several boosts for 15 seconds.

The abilities of Mercy include Guardian Angel and Angelic Descent. She can fly directly towards a targeted teammate, even those who have been eliminated recently, and heal them or dodge enemy fire with the powers of Guardian Angel. The ability of Angelic Descent allows her to slow the rate of falling and provides mobility. She can revive one fallen teammate using her capability of Resurrect.


Reinhardt is a fan favorite and has been a top-tier tank. He leads a rocket-propelled charge across the battleground and has high base health and a massive barrier that helps him defend his teammates. Although Reinhardt is defense-oriented, he can be highly offensive with the help of his weapon, the Rocket Hammer. The hammer allows him to crush his opponents against a wall.

Reinhardt carries a Barrier Field, a shield that blocks most projectiles and bullets. By activating Charge, he will use rocket boosters to move forward and drag the first enemy that collides with him, which will cause the heavy opponent damage. The ultimate weapon of Reinhardt is Earthshatter which allows him to slam his hammer into the ground and create a force that damages the enemy. It can destroy an opponent’s push if used correctly.


Sigma is an astrophysicist with the ability to control gravity. Talon manipulated Sigma and deployed him as a living weapon on the battlefield. His presence is remarkable as he has both offensive and defensive abilities. Sigma can place an experimental barrier and retract it at aby area within his line of sight. Kinetic Grasp is an ability of Sigma, similar to Defense Matrix, which can protect him and the heroes around him.

Sigma has excellent crowd control abilities and a mobile shield. The Accretion ability of the Sigma gives him a distinctive stun ability in the game, which cannot be stopped by anything except a physical barrier. Players can use gravitic Flux to disrupt the opponents, and with some practice, players can use this ability with Minefield and Self Destruct. Communication and timing are crucial to executing the strategy as it requires coordination.