The Best Seat Cushions for Your Desk Setup

Whether you work at a large office in a cubicle or you have made the shift to working entirely from home, your desk is like your second home. It holds all of the essentials you need for work and is a place where you spend 40 hours a week.

If you’ve been at your desk for long enough, you probably have a few additions that make it uniquely yours and make it a better place to be. Maybe you have pictures of your family. Maybe you have a fun mousepad with an oceanside view printed on it.

If you already have all of your desk accessories set up to make your office feel homier, it’s time to consider making your desk a more comfortable place to be, too.

Take a look at the most comfortable seat cushions that you can add to your desk set up for a better workday.

Types of Seat Cushions

There are a few different types of seat cushions, each designed to address specific back problems you may be experiencing.

Here are the two most common seat cushions that are available.

Coccyx Cushion

Your coccyx is that tiny bone at the very bottom of your spine that we typically refer to as the “tail bone.”

When you sit in an over-cushioned, super-soft chair at the office all day, this tailbone sinks into the cushion. This may not sound like a problem, but this little bone is very delicate. It can easily become bruised by too much contact with any surface.

A coccyx cushion is sort of u-shaped. It is designed to sit on the bottom of your chair with the open end facing the back. This opening is actually a cutout for your coccyx, suspending it above the seat and keeping it from fatigue and bruising.

It also helps you evenly distribute the weight on each side of your body, keeping you from placing uneven pressure on your backside.

Lumbar Cushion

Another common cushion that you’ll find for your office seat is a lumbar cushion.

Your lumbar spine refers to the bottom vertebra of your spine, a portion of your spine that many people feel pain in.

Lumbar cushions help to alleviate some of this pain. They are placed on the back of the chair using adjustable straps that allow you to move the cushion where you need to based on your height.

They curve to the natural curve of your spine, keeping you from slouching. They also encourage you to sit farther forward in your chair, encouraging better posture that keeps your back from getting sore.

Get Both to Amplify the Benefits

If you’re suffering from serious back pain, there’s good news. You can actually pair both of these cushions to get the maximum benefits that they both have to offer.

Using a coccyx seat cushion helps to relieve pressure from your delicate tailbone while a lumbar cushion corrects poor posture and protects your lower spine from uncomfortable curvature.

Since the lumbar seat cushions are fully adjustable, all you’ll need to do is adjust the lumbar cushion up to make sure its placement is correct for your height.

Using both a coccyx cushion and lumbar seat cushion together can help you have great posture and keep your circulation good during those long days at the desk.

Make Your Desk Setup As Comfy As Possible

If you have a desk job, there’s just no escaping the long hours you’ll be spending at your desk. But there are ways that you can make those long, seated hours as comfortable as possible.

Use one or both of these seat cushions to make your desk setup comfy.