The Best Probiotic Fruits and Veggies

Probiotics are live bacteria that are good for you! Usually when we hear the word ‘bacteria’ our minds go to childhood lessons about the importance of washing our hands and maintaining good hygiene. Bacteria in general are thought of as harmful and something that should be treated preventantly to increase and sustain good health.

However, the word bacteria just refers to a way of categorizing an entire life form and is not in and of itself offensive or bad. In fact, there are even such things as good bacterias and we call those probiotics. Probiotics are most notably used to help improve the bacteria of your digestive system. In fact, your digestive system itself is heavily reliant on good bacteria.

Your stomach has a unique composition of bacteria that is as identifying to you as your own fingerprints. This good bacteria helps you to process and digest food and is a huge part of your health. When that bacteria isn’t healthy and strong however, it can give way to pathogens, bad bacteria and even lead to sickness. Probiotics do a wonderful job of strengthening good gut bacteria and keeping our digestive system in top notch shape!

How do You Get Probiotics?

If you take a supplementary probiotic it can mean a couple different things. First, it can mean that you are introducing probiotics – that is, good bacteria – directly into your system. These bacteria are safely grown on culture and processed into your supplemental intakes. These can be hugely beneficial to your health. Our probiotic shots include powerful Inulin, Bacillus cultures that will help to strengthen your healthy gut bacteria.

Another way of getting probiotics is by eating foods that promote good probiotic growth in your stomach. These are what we could call probiotic fruits and veggies. What makes them probiotic is that they have unique sugars and fibers that help to specifically feed the good bacteria in your digestive system and promote digestive health.

So what are some of the best probiotic fruits and veggies you can introduce into your daily food intakes?

Apples or Apple Juice

Apples are a powerhouse fruit that help out multiple organ systems. They contain healthy antioxidants and help the nervous system as well as the cardiac systems. They also contain proteins, sugars and fibers.

Their probiotic properties are that they help to naturally feed good bacteria in the gut which helps to diminish bad bacteria.

Red Cabbage

Red cabbage has multiple powerful health benefits. It is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K and has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and is a powerhouse of probiotic content. Red cabbage provides great, natural support for the good bacteria that your digestive system needs to be strong and resilient. Eating red cabbage or supplements containing red cabbage is a powerful way to help support your digestive system.

Red cabbage can be prepared in a variety of different ways. Have it raw on your veggie taco to add that satisfying crunch and beautiful red color. Steam it or ferment it to make a variety of tasty dishes and you can even add it to your favorite juice blends.

Probiotic Shot

One of the best ways to introduce probiotics into your normal life is to grab one of our powerful probiotic shots. These shots are a strong cocktail of live probiotic bacteria along with a fusion of fruits and veggies that your gut needs to make sure those probiotics grow strong and effective.

The signature blend of apple juice, red cabbage and powerful antioxidants found in lemon juice will help to boost your good gut bacteria. What’s more is that our 100% rPET, eco-friendly packaging means you can responsibly take this two ounce shot with you on your busy day!

You don’t have to worry about your crazy schedule and hectic life not allowing you to invest in wholesome food and great ingredients. Our probiotic shot is easy, convenient and built to seamlessly integrate into a daily part of your life.

Take it in the morning before starting your day or after a meal and there’s no harm in making it a daily practice. Not only that but the lemon juice helps to keep your digestive system moving and the ginger will do more than just add a delicious kick of flavor. Ginger acts as a natural way to help soothe digestive trouble and active pathways that help you feel calm and relaxed.  So grab one of our probiotic shots today and see how it can help improve not just your gut health but your entire day!