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The Best Place to Install Solar Panels



The best place for solar panels will give you the best amount of energy possible

Solar panels on the ground

After making a thorough assessment regarding your solar power needs, and the amount of solar energy your household expected to gain, you can focus your attention on how and where to place solar panels to gather as much sunlight as possible. The most feasible place to install solar panels depends on several factors. But among these factors, location is the most important aspect on where to place your solar panels.



Think of solar panels as flowering plants. They should be planted in good soil and should receive a healthy amount of sunlight under excellent conditions in order for them to grow, flourish and bloom. A good location, position and placement are all equally important to put these flowering plants in order for them to do well, and it’s pretty much same situation that goes with solar panels.

Solar panels are expensive investments indeed that are supposed to return a great benefit and value to you. So you can’t just position them in any place based just on your personal preference. Even thinking where to place your solar panels requires a bit of a work indeed, and some amount of time. Determining where to place your solar panels also needs a careful and thorough analyzation. For this you may also need the services of a professional who can help you in deciding where is the right place to install your solar panels.

Options to Install Solar Panels


You may have seen solar panels mounted on rooftops. But they can also be installed on the ground, outside corridors, and even near the walls. Depending on the right conditions and settings, these positions will enable these solar panels to gather as much sunlight as they could get to provide you maximum energy.

The following below are the chief factors that will affect the installation of solar panels on the rooftops:

– the direction where the roof is facing
– the strength of the roof to take the weight of the solar panels
– the kind of materials used for the roof
– the type of weather such as rain, snow, and hail that your area is experiencing throughout the year
– any kinds of blockage that causes shading

Some Reminders When Installing Solar Panels on Rooftops


These factors tend to make solar panels installed on rooftops to receive the most amount of sunlight. However, sometimes installing them on rooftops isn’t practical because of many factors such as restrictions to space. That’s why solar panels are instead set up on the grounds, and that may be the best other option. As long as the panels are tilted, they will gather sufficient sunlight to provide power for your home.

Sometimes with the solar panels installed on roofs, you may think that you’re getting abundance of sunlight but do you know that even just a small shading can make a great impact to the amount of energy you’re getting? Yes, you may have a clear, treeless property, but your neighborhood’s palm trees could bring a shadow over your home at any point of the day even if it’s from a great distance.

Hiring Professionals when Installing Solar Panels

It would be best to consult the expertise of the professionals aside from doing your own study and observation when it comes to installing your power system in your home. Aside from giving you recommended places to install your solar panels, the professionals will also be able to tell you about the amount of shadow that might fall on your property throughout the day.

So where’s really exactly the best place to install solar panels? The answer is, like what was implied on the first paragraph, it depends The good news is that locating the best place and setting up your solar panels are relatively easy, especially when you’ve got licensed professionals by your side to assist you.

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