The Best Media Storage Products of This Year

Media storage or storage media are terms used to refer to physical devices or in-built computing systems that can retain information. This definition might seem a bit complex, and you’d probably assume that media storage is something best saved for those who are tech-savvy.

You’d be wrong. We’ve all at some point used and stored media and other information on a media storage product. For example, CDs, cassettes, computer paper tapes, memory cards, and so on. However, one might argue that these forms are outdated. 

From 2020-2021, manufacturers and businesses have come out with several updated versions of media storage products with higher storage capacity, more safety and recovery options. 

Polaris Sonar

Polaris Sonar was released last year by cloud data management and backup company, Rubrik. The media storage solution is more than just a standard means for backing up and recovering information. The product has been updated and modified with improved security, compliance, recovery, and data governance in line with regulations.

Polaris Sonar is simplistic in its use, with security, compliance, and backups integrated into one framework. This would mean that the user can work on sensitive data without disrupting production environments in another.

Kasten K10 v2.5

The Kasten K10 v2.5 provides backup and recovery options purpose-built for Kubernetes. This includes deployments and workloads. The media storage allows users the liberty of moving applications across different public clouds and on their own. Version 2.5 was worked on from 2019-2020 and includes cloud-native transformation with additional backup and mobility features.

Filespace SaaS System

LucidLink Corporation released version 1.24 of the Filespace SaaS filing system with additional Microsoft Azure support. Previous versions could only support Amazon and Google.

Filespace has user access controls, snapshots, and global file locking. The storage media solution works similarly to your standard NAS. However, it has reduced latency. Primary filing data is hosted within a public cloud.


Clumio features air-gap protection products, giving users rapid recovery options and more flexibility with storing data from vSphere, Amazon, Microsoft 365, and VMware. 

LightSpeed NAS Appliance

The LightSpeed NAS appliance comes from Vast Data Incorporation, which provides users with simple media storage solutions. The LightSpeed NAS was released last year and went beyond being just a storage space for media and files. 

It combines Intel Optane and NVMe flash for NAND SSDs into one comprehensive product.


Portworx storage media is compatible with Kubernetes storage and protection application. Their version 2.6 comes with PX-Secure, PX-Store, PX-DR, PX-Backup, PX-Migrate, plus PX-Autopilot. 

The latest version has node capacity, which allows easier access to external data locations and sources. This allows users more flexibility in operating Portworx when the Kubernetes key-value stores are momentarily down. 


When looking for the best storage media, you’ll hear more than one opinion – and all of them would be different. The fact of the matter is that some storage options work better for some people more than others. This might be primarily due to their highlighting features such as security, compliance, or back up (to name a few) that’s better than the rest.