The Best Custom Products for Your Brand

Branding is perhaps the single most important aspect of growing your business. 

Vodka is one example of how important branding is. While there are clear quality differences between some vodkas, with the better quality vodkas tasting cleaner, and lower quality vodkas have more impurities, there is nothing about vodka that inherently has a character.

Better quality vodka, by definition, just means that it has less taste. Why is it then that we view some vodkas as being distinctly high class, while other similar quality vodkas are seen as just adequate?  

Why are some vodkas associated with hip hop subculture, while others are viewed as more rural? Read on to know the answers. Also, find out where you can taste the best Espresso Martini made by the experts. 

None of these traits are inherent in what is basically ethanol and water. All of these attributes are associated with these different vodkas due to branding.

The companies that distribute the vodkas make conscious choices about who they want to appeal to and create their marketing plans around that. Whether it is partnering with a popular rapper, or latching onto new trends like gluten-free (all vodkas are gluten-free, but some do a better job of branding it), the choices that a company makes define customer perceptions about them.

In much the same way, choosing promotional materials that tie into your brand is key to getting the highest return on investment. Any company can purchase some inexpensive promotional products that have their logo on them, and give them away to as many people as possible. 

Giving promo materials like this may get your name out there, but that doesn’t mean it is worth your while. Choosing your marketing campaigns to coincide with your brand will guarantee that your customer base knows who you are and that they feel tied into that branding.

For example, if you are a luxury liquor brand, lighted displays made of charred oak barrels and brass will make your brand stand out, and customers love the ability to upsell their customers on a showcase brand.

If you are a makeup brand, a set of brushes, themed to your newest line, can serve to represent who you are as a company, while potentially catching a viral moment on social media. 

Social media in general is hugely important to branding now. So many buying decisions of Millennials and Gen z are due to the impact of influencers. 

Influencers can make a brand take off overnight, and are hugely important to how customers view brands. Companies can be viewed as dated or fresh based simply on how these influencers treat your brand. The right promotional products can make all the difference.

The best custom products for marketing your company are the ones that speak to who you are as a company. If your branding is weak, you need to decide on a direction, or there really is no need to invest in custom marketing products. 

If you have unclear branding, any marketing plan you put in place will struggle, however. The first step to improving your marketing is to decide on a clear path with your brand. If you are dealing in products like Efe Raki, that is a turkish brand, you will have to market it that way.

Once you have a clear vision of who you are, custom promotional products can be the perfect way to make your customers aware of that vision, while giving them a physical reminder. 

Well made promotional merchandise can even enter into your customer’s everyday use, so your potential customers can also see reminders of your brand every time the product is used in their presence. 

In summary, custom promotional products are the perfect way to market your company, as long as you have a clear vision of what your brand is and who your target market is!