The Best Air Quality Monitors for 2021

Historically, it has always been thought that, in our homes, it is best to open the windows and let the fresh air in. This can be very rewarding if you live in a pleasant natural environment, at least as a particular sensation for those who live in areas with the availability of fresh air. But let the wind from the street it does not mean that we are going to improve or control the air quality monitors in our homes. That will only work in case we don’t have a proper ventilation system.

The best way to breathe fresh refreshed air is with a ventilation system that filters the outside air. In this way, we receive fresh air from the outside, but clean, and with a constant renewal since the ventilation systems never stop working. Opening the windows is the remedy for homes that suffer from humidity problems or stale air and do not have ventilation solutions.

The air quality in our country, and especially in the big cities, is not so good that we simply open the windows and let the air be renewed.

That is why, to control air quality, the air quality meters 2021 that help to measure the quality of what we breathe. And thus also be able to take timely measures, such as automatic air renewal systems in case a lower quality is detected.

In areas where pollution is greater, such as big cities and in areas near avenues where traffic is notable, the biggest problem we face is carbon dioxide. A good ally to control indoor air in such a situation is the air quality meter.

It is an essential device to know what air we breathe, a sensor to normally place in work areas and offices that are connected to the ventilation system, especially since Carbon dioxide is more common in places with a strong presence of people. The meter connects to the ventilation system and regulates it according to the level of pollution.

It is an efficient means of saving energy as well. The air quality meter will tell the ventilation system when to renew the air and with what power. Normally it will be during the busiest hours, the ventilation solution operating at a minimum during the rest days.

The meter allows us to control and evaluate the quality of the air and of course the levels of Carbon dioxide. They are also installed in ducts and rooms, and work very well in conjunction with dual-flow ventilation systems.

In addition to those that measure air quality, there is a measurement of humidity. In these cases, they are reading devices used indoors to control air humidity and temperature with an inkbird thermometer. The quantities measured by the humidity sensor are transformed into a standard electrical signal. They can activate air renewal depending on the level of humidity they detect.

What else can we use to improve and control air quality in homes and work areas? There are motion sensors that work perfectly in areas where the passage of people is uneven depending on the moment.

For example, in a bathroom, when we want the exhaust fan to turn on, we can have motion sensors to activate its use only at certain times. Exhausts are normally activated by light or by a timer, but both systems are less efficient than sensors.

Concerning better ventilation, having motion sensors is a great advantage that allows us to enhance the flow rate and flow depending on the people who are in each moment. And not only in the case of bathrooms, but they can be used in rooms and offices.

Without a doubt, a comprehensive installation that takes into accounts all these aspects. For example, installing air quality meters 2021 and measurements to know what the state of the air is at all times. And sensors so that the ventilation system can better adjust if there is a passage of people and renew the air in those cases.

To improve and control the quality of the air we breathe we do not need to open the windows, but to have a good flow of clean air. The measurement of air quality allows you to know which pollutants harm your health. Inside your home or office, the air can be more polluted.

Believe it or not, in your daily life you are exposed to pollutants such as cigarette or kitchen smoke, you also breathe particles when you paint your house. Something similar happens in offices, such as the gases emitted by air conditioning, heat from electrical equipment, dust from manuals, or file folders, among others.