The Benefits of Pairing Jaw Surgery with Invisalign Aligners

Jaws, like any other bone in the body, grow with time. However, there are times when the growth rate of the upper and lower jaws is not uniform. The undergoing upper jaw or overgrown lower jaw can cause a challenge in biting, smiling, and the whole face profile.

If the discrepancy between the lower and upper jaw is slight, the problem can be mitigated through a treatment known as orthodontic-which is a process of aligning the teeth using appliances such as braces or clear aligners.

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Orthodontics only applies when the jaw discrepancy is mild or noticed at the early stages of child growth, which means that this form of teeth alignment process may not be suitable for adults. And this is where another teeth alignment treatment called the surgical orthodontic-a combination of teeth alignments and jaw surgery comes in. Jaw surgery with Invisalign Is one of the most effective surgical orthodontics.

Benefits of Jaw Surgery with Invisalign

Invisalign aligners can be removed

Invisalign tooth aligners can be removed and fixed back, which is very important, especially when you want to brush your teeth. The dentist also prefers these aligners since they can be removed and reused once the patient has recovered and guarantees high teeth hygiene while undergoing teeth alignment treatments.

The Aligners Have an Attractive Look

If you are worried about how you will look after jaw surgery, then jaw surgery with Invisalign is the best choice. These aligners are made of a material that is nearly transparent such that even if you laugh, it will be difficult for another person to notice you are wearing something on your teeth

It Is a Comfortable, Painless, and a Fast Procedure

Unlike other aligners with jaw surgery, jaw surgery with Invisalign does not exert much pressure on the jaws due to its compelling design. And therefore, the patient has an easier time during teeth alignment as he does not suffer distress or pain. Also, it takes less time to recover back to normality.

Invisalign Assures You a Healthier Biting

After jaw surgery with Invisalign, the jaws are more adjusted, and Invisalign aligners keep your teeth more correctly fixed and firmly intact with the jaws; this guarantees safe bites as there is no possibility of teeth movements.

There Are No Limitations in the Choices of Foods You Eat

You might have encountered people who have recovered from jaw surgery but still complain that they are restricted from taking hard foods like popcorn. But with jaw surgery with Invisalign, the case is different because the aligners offer the most effective service to your teeth and make them firm enough.

It’s A Great Solution When Teeth Are Overcrowding

Teeth overcrowding happens when the jaw is not long enough to hold all teeth in an aligned manner. Other than the ugly appearance, overcrowded teeth are associated with most dental diseases such as gingivitis and tooth decay. Invisalign aligners will fix your teeth in the correct order and within a short time.


Jaw surgery with Invisalign is the most embraced teeth alignment technology for many patients and dentists. Because of its effectiveness, flexibility, faster alignment, re-usability, and it also gives a higher guarantee than other teeth aligners.