The Benefits Of Cooking With A Instant Pot

Instant pots are becoming very popular. It is a programmable pressure cooker that is different from a traditional pressure cooker because it is designed to cut cooking time in half. Unlike a pressure cooker, it also allows you to cook rice, use it as a steamer, you can make yogurt with it and also use it as a warming pot. Similar to a pressure cooker, there are plenty of health benefits when cooking with an instant pot.  

Save Time Cooking With An Instant Pot

Lots of us work long hours and have very little time to create a healthy, tasty meal. The instant pot is proving to be a game changer that allows us to make these meals much quicker than a normal pressure cooker would. By using an instant pot it can cut cooking times in half or even less. The days of you waiting 7 or 8 hours for your stew to be cooked are gone when you purchase an instant pot, as you can cook the whole stew in around an hour. They are very easy to use. All you need to do is add the ingredients, set the timer, come back in a short amount of time and your meal is ready to eat! There are lots of recipes available online that you can cook with an instant pot, visit for the full recipe.

Cooking With An Instant Pot Has Health Benefits 

Because an instant pot is fully enclosed you don’t lose the same amount of minerals and vitamins when cooking vegetables, as you would if you were steaming them. Because the instant pot is enclosed and the food stays in the same place, the nutrients don’t move away from the ingredients as much. Because the cooking time is a lot less, it gives vitamins and minerals less time to get lost. The quicker it is cooked, the more nutrients will be saved

Conserve Energy While Cooking With An Instant Pot

Not only can you save nutrients and time when using an instant pot, you can also save energy. Of course an instant pot requires energy to cook, however most need very little. Instant pots are one of the most energy efficient kitchen appliances available on the market, especially if it is an instant pot that uses smart technology as it will keep the temperature at the setting it needs to be at automatically. In comparison to a steamer, an instant pot needs much less water as it is fully enclosed. 

Easy To Use

Just because an instant pot has lots of different functions and features doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a head chef to figure out how to use one. In fact, they are designed to be very user friendly and normally only have a few buttons that makes it simple to use. All you really need to do is put in the ingredients in the instant pot, press a few buttons, walk away and come back and the meal is all complete. Most have an inner pot that is made of stainless steel which is simple to clean.

They Are Convenient To Use

The days of you standing by a stove, constantly adjusting the heat to find the right temperature, keeping an eye on the timer and watching the meal to see if it is overcooked or undercooked are over if you purchase an instant pot. They have a microprocessor built into the instant pot that adjusts the temperature and the pressure. It will automatically change the heat level and time needed to cook the ingredients. When the meal is cooked the instant pot has another feature that keeps your food warm for several hours so you can eat it whenever you feel hungry. This makes planning your meal times very easy. 

Is An Instant Pot Expensive

You might think that a kitchen appliance that offers all these features might cost a mini fortune, but luckily enough you are wrong. Instant pots come in all shapes and sizes and prices vary. You can easily find an instant pot on the market that won’t break the bank. Not only that, it might save you money on your electricity bills in the long run! Most are available at the same price as a rice cooker, however there are much more advantages to an instant pot due to all its great features. There are lots of instant cookers available online nowadays and it isn’t hard to find one that suits your budget.