The Amazing Things About Fleet Tracking Software

The fleet industry is growing rapidly and many people see its potential and are moving to the business. Like many businesses, running a fleet company is not always easy, especially if your fleet contains many vehicles. Advancement in technology has provided solutions to many problems that business owners used to face. Many fleet owners are adopting the use of fleet tracking software in helping them to run their business. Unfortunately, some drivers tend to see the use of fleet tracking software as mainly a way of monitoring them. What many do not notice are the many benefits it has to offer. Here are the things you might not know about fleet tracking software.

Getting Driver Notification in Real-Time

Many people in the fleet business know that locating the vehicles in your fleet is crucial when running the business. Tracking can be difficult, especially if it involves a large number of automobiles. Advancement in technology with the help of GPS tracking equipment has made tracking easier than before. 

The fleet tracking software will prove to be essential as it will show the precise location of a given vehicle at the exact moment. Some go for the less advanced option that stores data but cannot be accessed instantly as the device needs to be connected to a computer, but this is not the best option. In scenarios where the vehicle is stolen or the driver needs help, you can easily locate where the vehicle is immediately. 

Mobilize Your Workforce

Many fleet managers face difficulties while trying to send certain messages or interact with all the drivers at the same time. Everybody is equipped with a smartphone these days. Smartphones are becoming essential to everybody and businesses are now utilizing them. Fleet tracking software like the one offered by Eyeride io can be used by the phone, unlike other software that can only be accessed by a computer. Since they are designed to integrate with mobile phones, data can be accessed from anywhere, making them reliable. Drivers can get messages and effectively offer information about their status while on the job.

Tracking Equipment is Small and Discrete

Gone are the days where many types of equipment were large and bulky. Tracking equipment used these days are completely different. Many tracking devices are very small yet highly efficient compared to the large equipment used by some companies.

Their small size enables them to take little to no time in setting them up and pressing a button may be all you need to do. Some are also discrete, and this is important when it comes to security. Those who try to steal the automobile will not know where it is located and therefore you can still locate the car. Furthermore, you track your drivers without them knowing. 


For your fleet business to succeed, you need to use fleet tracking software. Vehicle tracking is not just limited to tracking the location of the vehicle. It can also be used to notify the owner in cases where the driver is driving aggressively, speeding, and even idling.