The 7 Most Misunderstood Facts About CBD

CBD has become a trend in seconds. This cannabidiol is now available at every step: at retail shops, you can find CBD for sale online and even in medical stores. Research has shown that it has a beneficial effect on various medical conditions.

It has recently become popular in the food industry as well. It is alos used in sports and there are CBD for MMA fighters, nowadays. So it’s all around us. People are using CBD more and more, whether for a serious medical disorder or just as a relaxation therapy. In any case, a lot of reliable and less reliable information came to people.

People seem to be more confused than when this cannabinoid was less known to everyone. So let’s reveal seven facts that people misunderstood about CBD.

CBD Has a Certain Effect on Mood

CBD is an integral part of the cannabis plant but has no psychoactive properties. People misunderstood this fact. Although cannabis and THC have a psychoactive effect on the body, CBD does not. It has a certain effect on improving the general mood, but not close to what THC has.

Most important of all is that it won’t get you “high.” It will improve your concentration and refresh your energy and thus your mood.

CBD Oils Are of the Same Composition

All CBD oils have a base from which they are made, and that is cannabidiol. It is the basis of every oil but not the only ingredient. It depends on how the oil is extracted from the hemp plant. Different oil compositions are extracted by different methods.

Some oils are just an isolate of CBD, and there are also full-spectrum oils that contain other cannabinoids. Some oils may have traces of THC in them. So, it all depends on the method of CBD extraction.

CBD Oil Has No Traces of THC

This is a big confusion among people. Every oil has traces of THC. The question is again how CBD extraction is performed. Some methods extract a lot of cannabinoids and even THC. Some oils have minor doses of THC in them, and these oils are said to be THC-free.

Indeed, every oil does have a minimum dose of THC. This is inevitable because it is impossible to isolate CBD without traces of THC.

CBD Is Less Effective if You Consume It Through Edibles and Gummies

It is true that CBD, which must be broken down in the digestive tract, does not act with the same intensity as CBD oil. But that does not diminish the effectiveness of CBD. All that is true is that if you consume it over gummies and edibles, you have to take a higher dose.

Precisely because each part of the compound is less likely to reach the bloodstream because it is consumed orally. Topical applications and sublingual consumption are indeed more effective. CBD gummies and edibles have their advantages, too, because they prolong the effect of CBD much longer than other methods of consumption.

CBD Has No Side Effects

The fact that CBD has no side effects is fully understood. Even spinach can cause side effects if consumed too much. So, we have to be careful when it comes to dosing. Excessive daily intake of CBD can lead to some minor side effects.

These are mostly negligible side effects. They are not dangerous to health, but we should certainly not be guided by the fact that CBD is safe to use. Although it is, if you overdo it, you may have a feeling of dizziness and diarrhea.

CBD Is Legal

And if CBD is legal in many states, there are states where it still isn’t. It is not even legal to consume it in some public places. For example, in some Canadian provinces, CBD can only be purchased at medical dispensaries.

It is therefore clear that it is legal only for medical purposes, as well as medical marijuana. In some countries, the cultivation of hemp is not allowed. Therefore, neither the use nor the sale of CBD is allowed. CBD as a substance is legal, but the laws are different depending on the area in which you live.

By Consuming CBD, You Can Be Positive on the THC Test

By consuming CBD, you can be “false” positive on the THC test precisely because not every product has the same composition. If you consume full-spectrum CBD products, then there is a chance that a small portion of THC will remain in your bloodstream.

This cannot happen with products made from CBD isolates because the isolate is pure CBD. In any case, there is no need to worry because the amount of THC in CBD is pretty minor.


We all know a million pieces of information about CBD. All of this has become very confusing due to the mass marketing of CBD products. All in all, there are various researches that you can always read and get well informed.

We hope that at least these facts that we have stated are clearer to you. For all doubts, you can explore online because there are explanations everywhere