The 5 Best Electric Scooters for Adults of 2021

The electric riding scooter is an ideal means of transport for short trips around the city without getting tired or when you are in a hurry and it is fun to drive. It is increasingly common to see them circulating on the sidewalks and bicycle lanes.

Another benefit is that they take care of the environment, thanks to their zero-pollutant emissions index.The growing public interest in electric scooters has led to the appearance of a great variety of brands and models with characteristics and benefits in many cases very different and that can be for adults or children.

Faced with such diversity, it is normal to ask: How to choose the best electric scooters for adults? In this article you will find an analysis of what for me are the best electric scooters on the market today due to their value for money, user opinions, a comparison and a buying guide so that you know what are the main characteristics and factors that you must consider to be correct in your purchase decision.

The 5Best Electric Scooters for Adults

In order for you to finish making the decision of which electric scooter is best suited to your needs, you can see below an analysis of the main aspects in which each of the models stand out and also those other aspects in which they are not. so good. We also wanted to show you some of the most relevant opinions from users at our website

1. The Ecogyro Gscooter S9

  • The Ecogyro Gscooter S9 stands out mainly for its ease of use, a very resistant folding aluminum structure and its speed of up to 25 km / h.

  • It has 2 modes of operation, the ECO with a maximum speed limited to 15 km / h and the normal one at 25 km / h. The autonomy is 20 km in its ECO mode and the batteries take between 3 and 4 hours to recharge.

  • The wheels are 8.5-inch inflatable tubeless puncture-proof wheels. On the rear wheel it has a disc brake.

  • Lighting system with LED front light and rear brake light.

  • The handlebar is not adjustable and has a height of 114 cm.

  • It does not connect to the mobile or has an App but instead incorporates an LCD display that shows the speed, the battery level and the ECO or normal mode.

  • It weighs 11.5 kg which is not much compared to other models and can carry up to 100 kg.

2. The Kugoo S1

  • The Kugoo S1 has a good quality and a nice sporty design. It is made of aluminum, the handlebar is adjustable in 3 heights 93, 107 and 116 cm and supports a load of up to 120 kg.

  • It is the fastest reaching 30 km / h, its weight is 11 kg, very light considering the battery that provides a range of 30 km. It recharges in less than 4 hours.

  • Wheels are solid 8-inch anti-puncture, front and rear double damping and dual braking system with a brake on the electric handlebar and a rear brake on the disc foot for a safe and pleasant ride on all terrains.

  • Three limited top speed modes 15, 25 and 30 km / h for a more relaxed ride.

  • Large well-lit LCD screen with all the information, speed, km, battery, driving mode, time …

3. The S1 from Megawheels

  • It is a folding scooter that weighs 7.8 kg, made of aluminum and very stable. It has an adjustable handlebar in 4 heights, 80, 94, 100 and 105 cm.

  • It drives nicely, partly because of the damping system on the front wheel. Its wheels are 6-inch solid rubber anti-puncture front and 5.5-inch rear.

  • The autonomy is from 8 to 13 km depending on the weight of the load, the maximum recommended is 75 kg, and the speed, the maximum is 23 km / h. The battery charges in 2-3 hours.

  • It has a dual braking system. On the handlebar it has the main brake which is electric and, on the back, it has another mechanical disc brake.

  • Regarding the lighting, it only has LED lights in the rear that lights up more strongly when you brake.

  • It does not have a screen or display where you can see the speed, Km … The battery status is seen at the base of the scooter.

4. The Segway ES2

  • I’s is a quality scooter with an attractive and sporty design, with round and homogeneous shapes in which no component breaks its harmony.

  • It has three driving modes at different maximum speeds (25, 15 and 10 km / h). To go more relaxed on long tours you can program the cruise speed.

  • The autonomy is 25 km but it has an additional removable battery that is easy to connect, which extends the autonomy up to 45 km.

  • Driving is pleasant on all terrains thanks to a dual adjustable front and rear damping system.

  • It has a dual braking system, mechanical at the rear that can be operated with the foot and electric at the front with ABS and regenerative to harness energy.

  • LED headlights in the front and 2 brake lights in the rear. There are 16 customizable LED lights on the platform.

  • Folds up easily. The handlebar is not adjustable, it measures 113 cm and at the top in the center it has an LED screen with connection to the mobile that shows the speed, the battery and the kilometers traveled.

5. The Megawheels S5

  • Megawheels S5 is the rival of the Xiaomi Mijia M365 but with a lower price.

  • It has slightly less autonomy, the battery lasts from 18 to 22 km but it charges in half the time.

  • It has 2 modes of operation, the first at a maximum speed of 23 km / h and the second for a pleasant driving with a maximum speed of 15 km / h.

  • The braking system is dual with an engine brake on the front wheel that has an ABS system and a disc brake on the rear wheel.

  • It has an excellent lighting system with ultra-bright headlights that allow a visibility of up to 6 meters, brake lights and reflectors on the rear for greater visibility of the scooter.

  • It’s very resistant 8.5-inch anti-puncture hard rubber wheels allow pleasant driving on a multitude of surfaces thanks to its damping system.

  • The handlebar is not adjustable and has a height of 120 cm. Folds up easily.