Guide to Knife Steel

knife and blade sharpener

There’s nothing more useful, handy, versatile, and long-lasting as a knife, especially a good knife with a quality blade. The problem, though, is that all knives look the same for the untrained eye. Telling a good knife from a bad one can be almost impossible if you weren’t schooled by a knife … Read more

Introduction to Knife Throwing

A collection of throwing knives

Knife throwing – who would have thought that throwing dangerous weapons could be considered a sport or a pastime? But then, so are other sports such as archery, which is somewhat similar to knife throwing. Knife throwing can be a combat skill, sport, art, or entertainment, which involves throwing a knife at … Read more

Guide to Belt Knives

black ans silver knife on brown wood log

You would think that “wearable” knives were inconceivable – after all, who would want to wear something dangerous? However, keep in mind that knives (as well as swords) have been worn for many centuries. Ancient warriors would typically wear belts with scabbards or sheaths as a means of transporting those dangerous blades … Read more