Little Known Facts About Damascus Steel

Ring bracelets made out of Damascus steel

If Damascus steel is unfamiliar to you, now is the moment to learn it! You have probably used, bought, or held Damascus steel at some point in your life, whether you realize it or not. It is because this metal is exceptionally robust and of the highest quality. However, do you know … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Swords

person holding a samurai

From katanas to samurais, the presence of swords in almost every legend, story, movie, book, or game is a testament to how much they have saturated our fantasies. Most swords are truly remarkable. But when a hero demonstrates authentic swordsmanship using a majestic sword, you will be able to understand more why … Read more

An Introduction to Final Fantasy’s Masamune

Final Fantasy VII’s Sephiroth holding his Masamune Blade

A sword has various designs depending on the wielder. Some people prefer double-edged, while others want single-edged swords. There are blades that are wide, while there are those that are thin for easier control. From all these factors, the user of the blade determines what type would work best for him or … Read more

The Asgardian Odinsword–Oversword

Odin featured in Thor issue #294

The Odinsword is a term that is used to several Asgardian weaponskept by Odin, a Marvel Comics character. One of the notable Odinsword is the Asgardian ‘Oversword.’This weapon, called the Oversword,was created around 1000 AD by Asgard’s monarch named Odin. He made the sword by transforming the cursed Rhinegold ring of power … Read more

The Glamdring Sword of Gandalf

The Glamdring Sword

What is Glamdring? Glamdring, also known as Foe-Hammer or Beater, was a sword originally belonged to King Turgon of Gondolin, the ruler of the hidden land of Elves. It was stated that Turgon had wielded it during the first age Nirnaeth Arnoediad (The Battle of Unnumbered Tears) or the Fall of Gondolin. … Read more

The Elven Short Sword–The Sting

Frodo Baggins holding the Sting

What is the Sting? The Sting was an Elven short sword made during the first age at Gondolin, a hidden city of the Elves. In third age 2941, abbreviated as TA 2941, a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins found the Sting in a troll-hoard. In the story of The Hobbit by the author, … Read more

From the 80’sThunderCats Series –Lion-O’s Sword of Omens

The ThunderCats’ logo

Back in 1985, the ThunderCats was a very famous animated series. This series presented a group of fictional catlike humanoid aliens on a planet called third-Earth, whose source of life came from an item called Thundera’s Eye. This item is a mystical gem that has a cat-eye image at the center. It … Read more

The Reforged Flame of the West – Aragorn’s Anduril Sword

R. R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, book art cover

What is Anduril? In the Lord of the Rings series, Anduril(also ‘the Sword That Was Broken’ or ‘the Sword Reforged.’)is the sword of Aragorn, a ranger of the North. It was a sword that was reforged from the shards of another sword called Narsil, the longsword wielded by the former King Elendil … Read more