Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is a superhero in a comic seriespublished by the Marvel Comics. Created by Stan Lee and the artist Jack Kirby, Scarlet Witch first appeared in X-Men #4 in March 1964. She was initially portrayed as the supervillain, together with her twin brother, Quicksilver. Wanda Maximoff’s Origin The Scarlet Witch, also … Read more

The Midnighter

Midnighter Volume 2, #1 comic cover (2015)

Midnighter is one of the American comic books published by Wild Storm Publication and later on DC Comics. It was written and created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch. Interestingly, Midnighter was the first gay man superhero released in an ongoing comic series. He was known as the hero that could fight … Read more

Aquaman’s Character History: Now Explained!

His well-developed muscles, abs, and brawny figure there are so much more than these characteristics to love about the DC superhero Aquaman. The whole world has witnessed its first-ever live-action last 2018, but movies like AquaMan, Aquaman has an interesting history of more than 75 years that is yet to be understood, appreciated, … Read more