The Best Guide on Your Account Security

Spectrum Security Suite

Strong passwords are important for online security, but the trick is to create unique passwords that you can remember, or you risk falling into the bad habit of using the same login credentials for multiple accounts. Think about all the accounts that you’ve got at the moment – all of your social … Read more

Spectrum Security Suite: What Makes It Special?

Spectrum Security Suite

Importance of Having Spectrum Security Suite With the advancement of technology, cyber threats have also been growing rapidly. That’s why people are always in search of applications that offer the most effective and efficient security services. Charter Spectrum offers a wide range of services including, Spectrum Internet, TV, voice, and now security. Spectrum … Read more

So Exactly What is CAPTCHA?

So Exactly What is CAPTCHA

If you’ve been using the Web for quite some time now, probably you’ve encountered an annoying mini-test called CAPTCHA.  It comes in many forms including those frustratingly hard to read squiggly words, a check box that sometimes gives a bunch of pictures to figure out if there is some type of object … Read more

Safety Essentials for Every Home

Safety Essentials for Every Home

Statistics say that from 2000 to 2008, more than thirty thousand Americans died each year just because of accidents at home. Whoa… Which is why it is vital to have safety items in your humble abode. Even if you think that a possibility of a break-in, a fire, or an emergency is … Read more

Choosing the Right Technology for Seniors

Tips for Choosing the Right Technology for Seniors The expanding options of gadgets and gizmos may leave you wondering about the best tips for choosing the right technology for seniors. Many people have concentrated on safety, ease of use or affordability. Finding the right technology for the seniors in your life should … Read more