What Do You Mean the New Thor is a Woman?

The shocking news of Thor’s “gender-swapping” Just very recently, Marvel Comics made quite a big and rather shocking announcement – they declared that the hammer-holding iconic hero Thor will now be a woman, at least in the comic universe. The change was disclosed as part of the “Avengers NOW!” campaign aiming to … Read more

Introduction to Robert A. Heinlein

Who is Robert A. Heinlein? If you are a science fiction enthusiast, chances are you have heard of Robert A. Heinlein. He is one of the most-respected science fiction writers. He, along with other luminaries Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, were known as the “Big Three.” Robert A. Heinlein is credited … Read more

A New Star Wars Movie Is Coming in 2015!

Purchase of Lucasfilms Ltd. by Walt Disney – Does that mean there’s a new Star Wars film coming? Film mogul George Lucas announced on October 13, 2012 that he was selling Lucasfilm Ltd. to The Walt Disney Company. Of course, this includes the successful and profitable Star Wars franchise. This move bewildered … Read more

Are Sci-Fi Remakes a Good Idea?

Are Sci Fi Remakes a Good Idea?

Sci-fi movies have been popular from the early days of cinema and film. We only have to think about the success of the ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘The Matrix’ series to acknowledge the power of science fiction. As a literary genre, such stories and plots have captured our minds for generations. … Read more