Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies Based on Video Games – How Popular Are They?

Most films based on video games have the potential to become popular and successful at the box office. As video…

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What Do You Mean the New Thor is a Woman?

  The shocking news of Thor’s “gender-swapping” Just very recently, Marvel Comics made quite a big and rather shocking announcement…

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Radiation Detection Equipment – Providing the Equipment Necessary to Protect Those That Protect Us

  The very thought of nuclear radiation sends chills down most people’s spine. The end of the Cold War did…

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Introduction to Robert A. Heinlein

Who is Robert A. Heinlein?   If you are a science fiction enthusiast, chances are you have heard of Robert…

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A New Star Wars Movie Is Coming in 2015!

Purchase of Lucasfilms Ltd. by Walt Disney – Does that mean there’s a new Star Wars film coming?   Film…

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Are Sci-Fi Remakes a Good Idea?

Sci-fi movies have been popular from the early days of cinema and film. We only have to think about the…

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