Advance To San Fernando

MacArthur's Victorious Division Entering Malolos

Americans Advance To San Fernando, April 22-May 5, 1899 Soon after he captured Malolos on March 31, 1899 (ABOVE), Brig. Gen. Arthur C. MacArthur, Jr., was eager to proceed northward at once along the line of the railroad to Tarlac Province in pursuit of Aguinaldo, who, he felt sure, was making his … Read more

Advance To Malolos

Map of Northern Campaigns 1899

Americans Advance To Malolos, March 24-31, 1899 The city of Manila is located in the lower right corner of this 1899 US Army map. Brig. Gen. Arthur C. MacArthur Jr.’s column advanced along the Manila-Dagupan railway to the north. Malolos, the Filipino capitol, and the capture of Aguinaldo were the prime objectives. … Read more