The Personality of Gerald Ford

Portrait of the Gerald Ford

Introduction Many in politics admired Gerald Ford’s degree of trust and honesty. With Spiro Agnew’s departure, Congress nominated him because he told the truth and was recognized by both the Republican and Democratic parties for keeping his word. Gerald Ford was appointed by both the Senate and the House of Representatives because … Read more

The personality of Lyndon Johnson

Portrait of Lyndon Johnson

The personality of Lyndon Johnson Lyndon B. Johnson’s idea for the American people and their fellow men worldwide was “A Great Society.” During Johnson’s first years in office, he enacted one of the most comprehensive reform programs in the United States history. He continued the increasingly increasing struggle to restrain Communist encroachment … Read more

The personality of Herbert Hoover

Portrait of Herbert Hoover

President Herbert Hoover’s nickname gives insight into how the American public perceived him during his presidency. His nickname “The Great Engineer” came from his early career as a civil engineer, and it represented his flood control work when the Mississippi River burst its banks in 1927. However, the Great Depression ravaged the … Read more

The personality of Woodrow Wilson

Portrait of young Woodrow Wilson

  Named after his maternal grandfather, Thomas Woodrow Wilson was born on December 26, 1856, in Staunton, Virginia. As the twenty-eighth president, he was known as the man who led the United States of America into World War I; also, he was famous for reforming the nation through antitrust laws. Woodrow Wilson … Read more