How to Maintain a Damascus Steel Knife

Pattern made on a Damascus Steel Knife. 

Many people love collecting steel knives and swords. The ones that are of historical significance are usually considered better for collection purposes. They can be of high value as well. However, the problem arises when people are unable to maintain their steel knives and swords. One of the most liked steel knives … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Knives

different knives

When you ask people about important inventions in the world, most of them will give you lots of answers, such as computers, cars, smartphones, and other high-tech items. But there is one invention that most people do not think of that much, but it is actually one of the most important things … Read more

What is a Neck Knife?

a small black neck knife

When it comes to survival, there are many different items that are used by people. Some of these are flashlights, whistle, lighters, waterproof matches, signal mirrors, fire starters, maps, compass, first aid kits, and more. Having these items is very useful because we are not sure when exactly natural calamities and emergencies … Read more

Incredibly Useful Multi-Tools

Incredibly Useful Multi Tools

Having a full toolkit with you can be quite a job and it’s not always practical. But sometimes, you just find yourself stuck in a situation where you really need a knife, wrench, pipe notching tool, or a screwdriver but you don’t have one. That’s why the multi-tool was invented, it can … Read more