What Were the Hottest Pop Culture Trends of the 2000s

The early 200s are filled with embarrassing moments, questionable fashion choices, and even less-than-quality TV shows. From wearing a skirt over your jeans to listening to teen angst-filled songs by Avril Lavigne to watching The Simple Life, growing up at the turn of the 21st century is a gift anyone should treasure. … Read more

What was the Pre-Code Era of Hollywood?

What was the Pre Code Era of Hollywood?

Pre-Code Hollywood is a term that refers to an era of films since sound was introduced in movies in 1927 to the mandatory enforcement of the Motion Picture Production Code. Even if the movies back in that era were being censored, it was not as severely censored like the films that were … Read more

Revisiting The Early Days of Hollywood

Revisiting The Early Days of Hollywood

When we hear the word Hollywood the words money, power, fame, entertainment, glamor, and fortune comes to our mind. Hollywood is considered to be as the show-business capital of the world and it is home to several famous record companies and movie and television studios. But before reaching its glamorous status, Hollywood … Read more

Actors and Actresses Who Quit Hollywood

Being an actor or an actress is not just about the glitz and the glamor, it also means having your privacy invaded, sleepless nights during shoots, memorizing scripts, auditions, and crazy schedules. Maybe that’s why these actors and actresses traded the fortune, fame and the spotlight for a simple life. Let’s take … Read more

Biography of Heath Ledger

Heath Andrew Ledger, or more popularly known as Heath Ledger, was an Academy Award-winning, Australian actor best known for his roles in The Dark Knight and Brokeback Mountain. He was born on April 4, 1979, in Perth, Australia. His mother, Sally Ledger Bell was a French teacher while his father, Kim Ledger, … Read more