What is employee monitoring? How does it help your business?

employee monitoring

Employee monitoring is one of the easiest ways to help boost workplace productivity in the workplace. Ethically implemented, these systems increase performance, hours worked, and punctuality. These factors account for a healthy working atmosphere and added profitability for your business. Doing so requires more than a cursory look into privacy issues. And … Read more

Best Handheld GPS Devices

Garmin 750T 3 Inch Touchscreen Handheld GPS with Topo U S 100K

Whether you’re deep in the backcountry, high in the mountains, or on open water, proper navigation is a must. Having a handheld GPS device is crucial so you can easily find your way during hiking, trekking, backpacking, or mountaineering. It’s because, in these areas, visibility can be weak, and the landscape can … Read more

Best Car GPS Devices

OOTSUTU 7 Inch Portable Touchscreen GPS Navigation Device

Today’s smartphones are loaded with maps and traffic guides that serve as quick solutions for travel. These devices that are with us at all times are becoming increasingly more powerful and capable of providing accurate GPS navigation. While you can rely on it to get to places, you may realize that a … Read more

History and Application of GPS

When you drive to a place you haven’t been to, you rely on GPS on your car to lead you to your destination. When you’re travelling alone, you check the map on your phone and activate your GPS. When you’ve lost your iPhone, you are thankful that you have a GPS tracker … Read more

Introduction to GPS

Humans have made a long way from looking to the skies since the ancient times. Ancient sailors of history only relied on the constellations of the night sky to figure out where they were and where they were going. Today, all we need is a simple, hand-held GPS receiver to know exactly … Read more

GPS Technology and Fitness Watches

GPS Technology and Fitness Watches

GPS, or global positioning system, technology has been integrated into a number of different devices since its inception by the US Department of Defense. Global positioning systems are used for surveying, navigation and engaging in cartography or map making. The system itself is free to use, since the US Department of Defense … Read more