The Needle Sword of Arya Stark in the Game of Thrones

Arya Stark wielding the sword Needle

The Game of Thrones is an American TV Series directed by David Benioff and D. B Weiss for HBO, which was based on the novels created by George R. R. Martin. This series revolves around the story of nine noble families’ battle to take control of land called Westeros while fighting against … Read more

Learn about the Oathkeeper Sword from Game of Thrones

Gwendoline Christie as Brienne of Tarth, the wielder of the Oathkeeper sword

What is the Oathkeeper? Under the command of Tywin Lannister, the Valyrian steel Ice sword that was formerly owned by Ned Stark was re-forged into two longswords.These two swords were namely the Widow’s Wail and Oathkeeper. While the Widow’s Wail was given to Joffrey Baratheon, its sister blade, the Oathkeeper was given … Read more