Biggest Movie Bombs of the 90s

Poster of Cutthroat Island

Behind each and every scene that you watch in a movie is an unimaginable amount of effort put in by a team of people working behind the camera. No one alone can strive to make the movie a huge success – sometimes, the characters are so dull and lifeless that no matter … Read more

Biggest Movie Bombs of the 70s

Hundreds of movies are released every year, among which some are remembered and praised for several years while others are forgotten sooner than ever. While some movies break records in the box office, others only manage to recover the amount invested in them. We hear all about the movies that break records … Read more

Biggest Movie Bombs of the 80s

photo of original vintage retro film wheel

No two days in the film industry are the same. Among hundreds of movies released, some are so unfortunate that they end up in the trash and fail to earn their producers and directors any profit. A movie is known as a financial flop when it is not able to pay back … Read more