The First Lady of Jimmy Carter

Portrait of the Jimmy Carter

Wilbur Edgar Smith and Frances Allethea Murray gave birth to Eleanor Rosalynn Carter on August 18, 1927, in Plains, Georgia. Her father worked as a store clerk, a town councilman, an auto mechanic, and a school bus driver. She was the fourth kid in a family of four. When her father died … Read more

The First Lady of Gerald Ford

Portrait of Betty Ford

With a household nickname Betty, Elizabeth Anne Bloomer was born on April 8, 1918, in Chicago, Illinois, to William Bloomer Sr. and Hortense Neahr. Betty was the only daughter of William Bloomer Sr. and Hortense Neahr. Her father worked for the Royal Rubber Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and her mother came … Read more

The First Lady of Richard Nixon

Portrait of the Pat Nixon

Born as Thelma Catherine Ryan, Pat Nixon was born on March 16, 1912, in the remote Nevada town of Ely. She was the daughter of William Ryan, a miner and fisherman, and Katarina Halberstadt Bender Ryan. She was a German-born widow and mother of two boys. She was nicknamed “Pat” because she … Read more

Dwight Eisenhower’s First Lady

Portrait of Mamie Eisenhower

Mamie was Dwight Eisenhower’s wife. He was the thirty-fourth president of the United States, and she served as the United States’ first lady from 1953 to 1961. Ike’s military service had the pair on the run all the time; in particular, they didn’t purchase their first home until they were married for … Read more

Herbert Hoover’s First Lady

Portrait of Herbert Hoover

On August 10, 1874, Herbert Clark Hoover was born in West Branch, Iowa. Jesse Clark Hoover and Hulda Randall Minthorn were born in this area, primarily inhabited by Quakers, as were the Hoovers. He was one of Jesse and Hulda’s three brothers, the others being his brother Theodore Jesse and sister Mary … Read more

Pros and Cons of Family Protection Trusts

Family Protection Trusts

  Family protection trusts generally provide strong security for the family assets and ensure a healthy inheritance system. It contains lots of advantages for a family. Besides the advantages, family protection trust carries some disadvantages too. Before making the decision to create a family protection trust, one must learn both the pros … Read more

What is the difference between alimony and spousal support?

alimony and spousal support

After getting a divorce, a couple has to deal with a lot of new issues that come up in their life. The most common issues include child support, custody, property division, and many more. But among them, the most common concern is to deal with financial support. When a couple separates, they … Read more

Family and Descendants of Warren Harding

Portrait of Warren Harding

Warren G. Harding was the initial President to speak over the radio and the first newspaper publisher to be elected. Unfortunately, the Harding administration is known today for its many scandals, including the Teapot Dome affair. Warren Harding was born in Corsica, Ohio, on November 2, 1865. George Tyron Harding and Phoebe … Read more

The First Ladies of Woodrow Wilson

Portrait of Woodrow and Edith Wilson

In this article, learn who the women who loved Woodrow Wilson supported this accomplished man despite all the challenges he faced are. As particular individuals, Ellen and Edith come alive and not just appendages to their famous husband, even though they enthusiastically assumed the role of helpmate as their primary role in … Read more

Family and Children of Benjamin Harrison

Portrait of Benjamin Harrison and his Family

Benjamin Harrison was the twenty-third president of the United States and was popularly known as the grandson of William Henry Harrison, the ninth president of the United States. When the reforms started to become popular, he became president and one of the most critical reforms enacted during his tenure in office was … Read more