Dorothy Gale

Profile of Judy Garland

Judy Garland was a notable actress, singer, dancer and vaudevillian. Over the course of her forty-five years in show business,…

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You Weren’t There! And You Weren’t There! The Cast and Crew Who Were Almost Part of The Wizard of Oz

By now, the characters in The Wizard of Oz and the actors who played them are iconic. What you might…

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25 Fun Facts About Judy Garland

In 1939, Judy Garland charmed moviegoers with her portrayal of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, earning her a spot…

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WHO was going to play Dorothy?

It’s the same with all classic films. After seeing them a time or two, it becomes hard to imagine any…

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Judy Garland’s Greatest Performance

Judy Garland had an illustrious career that spanned virtually her entire life. She may have been known the world over…

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