The Spectre

The Spectre, art by Alex Ross

The Spectre is a powerful mystical being whose mission is to unleash God’s vengeance upon evil men. He is bound to a dead human’s souls, and his powers vary depending on his host’s personality and ability. Although this being has several hosts in the modern ages, Jim Corrigan is his most notable … Read more

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

The name “Captain Marvel” is not just a name for one superhero. It was shared by various characters across three different publishers. Throughout the years, there have been nine Captain Marvels with a substantial percentage coming from Marvel Comics. One of the most popular superheroes of the 1940s was the original hero … Read more

Blue Beetle

The three Blue Beatle, art by Tom Feister

Blue Beetle is the name of a superhero comic character whose mantle was taken by three various fictional characters, namely, Dan Garrett, Ted Kord, and Jaime Reyes. Initially, Blue Beetle was created by Fox Comics. Although after several years, it was owned by Charlton Comics and later taken over by the DC … Read more

The Question

The Question, art by Tommy Lee Edwards

The Question is a comic superhero that appeared in American comic books published under DC Comics. He was created by Steve Ditko and debuted in Charlton Comics’ Blue Beetle issue #1 in June 1967. However, the character was eventually acquired by DC Comics in the 1980s. Later on, The Question was incorporated … Read more


Dick Grayson as Nightwing 2016, Art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado

Nightwing, also known as Dick Grayson, is a superhero that has been published by DC Comics. He was also the formerly known Robin, the vigilante sidekick of Batman. After six years of being Robin, Dick Grayson decided to reinvent himself and adopted Nightwing as his new superhero identity. Subsequently, the character had … Read more

J’onnJ’onzz the Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter, art by Alex Ross

The Martian Manhunter is a comic book superhero created by Joseph Samachson and drawn by artist Joe Certa. The character first appeared in the American comic book ‘Detective Comics’ issue #225 published by DC Comics. In the series, J’onnJ’onzz of the planet Mars was brought inadvertently to Earth, where he became a … Read more

The Crimson Avenger

Travis as The Crimson Avenger in Detective Comics issue #22, art by Jim Chambers

In the superhero universe, there are several heroes that operate under the same aliases. For instance, there have been several personas who took the mantle of Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Robin, Blue Beetle, and even Flash. One of those heroes was the Crimson Avenger whose mantle was taken by three different fictional characters … Read more

Zatanna Zatara

Zatanna Zatara

Zatanna Zatara is a fictional superheroine created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson. The character first appeared in the comic series Hawkman issue #4 published under DC Comics in November 1964. Zatanna has several powers similar to her witch mother, Sindella Zatara, whose powers are usually regulated by speaking magical incantations. Zatanna … Read more

The Midnighter

Midnighter Volume 2, #1 comic cover (2015)

Midnighter is one of the American comic books published by Wild Storm Publication and later on DC Comics. It was written and created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch. Interestingly, Midnighter was the first gay man superhero released in an ongoing comic series. He was known as the hero that could fight … Read more

Aquaman’s Character History: Now Explained!

His well-developed muscles, abs, and brawny figure there are so much more than these characteristics to love about the DC superhero Aquaman. The whole world has witnessed its first-ever live-action last 2018, but movies like AquaMan, Aquaman has an interesting history of more than 75 years that is yet to be understood, appreciated, … Read more