Get to Know Prince Valiant and His Singing Sword

Prince Valiant wielding the Singing Sword

In several mythologies, fiction and legends, weapons such as magical swords had played a significant role in every hero’s story. These magical swords that possess a great magical ability are renowned swords that appeared in different nation’s folklore. However, in some traditions, the swords that the heroes have used don’t have powers … Read more

Wonder Woman’s Amazonian Sword –The Godkiller

Wonder Woman’s logo

A superheroes’ weapon was a crucial part of their public image. Batman has his utility belt, Wolverine has his claws, and Captain America has his distinct shield. Among these superheroes is the Amazon hero, Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is undeniably one of the famous superheroes, even before her appearances on the big … Read more


Spawn –Art by Todd McFarlane

Spawn is a superhero character in the comic book series of the same name, published by Image Comics. Created by the comic book artist named Todd McFarlane, Spawn first appeared in Spawn comic series #1. This fictional hero appeared at the Wizard magazine as the 60th on the top 200 comics of … Read more

The Darkness

The Darkness, comic issue #1

The Darkness was an American comic series published by Top Cow Productions in 1996. The concept was from the comic artists, namely, Marc Silvestri, David Wohl, and Garth Ennis. The Darkness first appeared in the comic series of Witchblade #10, released in November 1996. What is The Darkness? The Darkness is known … Read more

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6 comic cover, art by Kamome Shirahama

Doreen Green (also known as Squirrel Girl) was created by Will Murray and Steve Ditko and first appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes, Volume 2, issue #8, released in 1991. Doreen has improved squirrel-like strength and agility, and an ability to communicate with squirrels. She was a member of the Great Lake Avengers and … Read more

Black Panther of Wakanda

Black Panther, art by Gabriele Dell’Otto

Black Panther is a fictional superhero created by Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby and was published under the Marvel Comics. He first appeared in the comic series of Fantastic Four in issue #52 during the comics’ silver age. In the series, Black Panther was called T’challa and is portrayed as the … Read more

The Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier, art by Lee Bermejo

Winter Soldier has been present for quite some time now in the history of the Marvel universe. As Bucky Barnes, he was transitioned from a bright-faced teenager to an efficient soldier he is now. However, as Winter Soldier, he was somewhat depicted as an evil assassin and a vengeful hero. Nevertheless, Bucky … Read more


Ant-Man, art by Phil Hester

Like Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and many other heroes, Ant-Man is yet another superhero who took various characters under one superhero name. Ant-Man’s persona was originally Hank Pym, a brilliant scientist that invented a chemical that could shrink and enlarge a person. However, in the following Ant-Man series, more characters have subsequently … Read more


Hellboy,art by Mike Mignola

The Hellboy series appeared for the first time as a four-page, black and white comic, written by Mike Mignola. It was published under Dark Horse Comics in San Diego Comic-Con Comics # 2 in August 1993.The early stories were created and drawn by Mignola, with a script written by John Byrne. However, … Read more

Luke Cage

Luke Cage

Luke Cage aka Power Man, was created by Archie Goodwin, George Tuska, Roy Thomas, and John Romita Sr., and was published under Marvel Comics. He first appeared on Hero for Hire # 1 released in June 1972. Interestingly, Luke Cage was created during the height of the blaxploitation genre. In the comic … Read more