Spawn –Art by Todd McFarlane

Spawn is a superhero character in the comic book series of the same name, published by Image Comics. Created by the comic book artist named Todd McFarlane, Spawn first appeared in Spawn comic series #1. This fictional hero appeared at the Wizard magazine as the 60th on the top 200 comics of … Read more


Ant-Man, art by Phil Hester

Like Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and many other heroes, Ant-Man is yet another superhero who took various characters under one superhero name. Ant-Man’s persona was originally Hank Pym, a brilliant scientist that invented a chemical that could shrink and enlarge a person. However, in the following Ant-Man series, more characters have subsequently … Read more


Hellboy,art by Mike Mignola

The Hellboy series appeared for the first time as a four-page, black and white comic, written by Mike Mignola. It was published under Dark Horse Comics in San Diego Comic-Con Comics # 2 in August 1993.The early stories were created and drawn by Mignola, with a script written by John Byrne. However, … Read more

Luke Cage

Luke Cage

Luke Cage aka Power Man, was created by Archie Goodwin, George Tuska, Roy Thomas, and John Romita Sr., and was published under Marvel Comics. He first appeared on Hero for Hire # 1 released in June 1972. Interestingly, Luke Cage was created during the height of the blaxploitation genre. In the comic … Read more