Best Fantasy Books For Adults

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Are you looking for a new adult fantasy book to add to your collection? We have gathered some fantasy books, ranging from wizards and werewolves to strange underworld happenings. Some take place in weird and fantastic places, while others begin in our backyard! However, before you proceed to the list, have a … Read more

The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan

Introducing My Review of “The Ruins of Gorlan” Here is a review of a book called The Ruins of Gorlan. Its author’s name is John Flanagan. This book is one of a multi-book series called the Ranger’s Apprentice. Synopsis of the book Will, a fifteen year old boy with brown hair and … Read more

Young Samurai: The Way of the Warrior

The Young Samurai Series is a series of novels by Chris Bradford.    The series is a historically based novel based on 17th century japan.  The Way of the Warrior is the first in the series released in 2008. Young Samurai: The Way of the Warrior (2008) Young Samurai: The Way of the … Read more

The Icebound Land by John Flanagan

Synopsis of the book Kidnapped!!!! Will and Evanlyn, have been kidnapped by Skandians, taken to their homeland, and sold into slavery at their capital city of Hallasholm. Meanwhile, Halt, desperate to save Will has been thrown out of the Ranger Corps. Then accompanied by Horace they go on a journey to look … Read more

Review of the Inheritance Cycle Third Volume – Brisingr

nheritance Series Third Volume – Brisingr

The Inheritance Cycle The Inheritance Cycle comprises of four books written by Christopher Paolini.  They have been extremely popular with the first book Eragon made into a major motion picture. The series books include: Eragon – 2002 Eldest – 2005 Brisingr – 2008 Inheritance – 2011 At the time of this writing … Read more

Review of Artemis Fowl By Eoin Colfer

Synopsis of the novel The book starts out with Artemis Fowl, twelve year old, criminal mastermind, holder of the vast Fowl family fortune. Artemis, and his expertly trained bodyguard, Butler (few know his real name though it might be Domagio of something similar) travel to Ho Chi Minh City to look for … Read more

Book Review of Inheritance Cycle – Eldest By Christopher Paolini

Kvetha Fricai! – for those who don’t know that’s a greeting in the Ancient Language and it means “Greetings Friends” The Inheritance Cylcle by Christopher Paolini is a series of four books all about dragons, danger, epic battles, sacrifice and great victories.  The series books include: Eragon – 2002 Eldest – 2005 … Read more

A Review of the Book Eragon

Synopsis of the book Here is a review for book one of the Inheritance saga: Eragon. It starts out with Eragon tracking a herd of deer in a mountain ridge called the Spine. In the Spine Eragon finds a shiny blue stone which he thinks might change the fortunes of his family. … Read more