What are the Different Types of Adoption?


Adoption is the permanent and legal process of transferring all the parental rights from one person or couple to another. It is a major life-changing event where a new member of the family will be welcomed. Adoptive parents have the same rights and responsibilities as biological parents, and the same goes with … Read more

History of Adoption

History of Adoption

Adoption has a long history in Western society. While modern adoption emerged in the United States, the history of adoption is actually as old as civilization itself. The grounds of adopting children have changed over the centuries, but the process has definitely shifted its focus on the interests of the adopted child, … Read more

Adoption Part 2 – Bulgaria Phase

  Adoption in the United States continues to be popular but international adoptions are on the decline. According to the Legal Language site the reason international adoptions are declining is due to due the tragedy of the adoption program in Guatemala where women were being paid to place their children into adoption … Read more

Adoption – Initial Stages – Part 1

  Stirrings – 1965-1997: Adoptions have always near to my heart. From my earlier teenager years, I imagined having a couple of kids of my very own; then I desired to adopt an infant. ? Dreaming of adopting a child It would be an Asian baby-perhaps coming from Korea or Vietnam. Adolescent … Read more

You’ve decided to adopt, now what?

Adoption represents an incredible and exciting journey for people intent on creating or building a family. People choose adoption for many reasons. You even hear on the news of celebrities adopting from foreign countries and making the news.  If you have decided that adoption is the right choice for you, this decision … Read more

Adoption – Shifting Winds

What a day! Gabriel has been sick since yesterday afternoon and I am always caught off guard now by the extreme behaviors we experience around here when Gabriel isn’t feeling well. In the beginning, when our kids had just moved in, baby talk, defiant mouths, psycho giggling were all just par for … Read more

Supporting Adopted Students: Parents and Teachers Working Together

  Adoption-related School Issues The school experience is a significant factor in shaping a child and his future – and it is a factor that can be impacted by adoption issues. Adopted children face extra emotional work coping with feelings of rejection, loss, and divided loyalties. These challenges can affect their behavior … Read more