Survival Axes – How To Choose The Best One?

Are you interested in purchasing a survival axe? These outdoor tools are of indispensable importance for survivalists who spend a significant amount of time in the wilderness. Axes are essential for cutting down trees and turning them into firewood, as well as for constructing makeshift shelters.

Nevertheless, in order for such a tool to be beneficial in the wilderness, it has to be durable, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion. Therefore, outdoorsmen are required to take multiple factors into account when choosing a model, such as its handle length and material, blade material, weight, and additional features.

Take a look at the following tips prior to making a purchase.

Learn the difference between an axe and a hatchet

Although most people use these terms interchangeably, there is a significant difference between an axe and a hatchet. The former has a much shorter handle, exceeding no more than sixteen inches of length, while the latter is considerably larger in size.

Furthermore, survival hatchets are more versatile and convenient to use, hence being used for chopping wood and cutting branches. In contrast, axes are designed for handling more demanding tasks, such as cutting down entire trees. Nevertheless, despite the obvious dissimilarity, most manufacturers have started using both terms to refer to the same product. Visit the following link,, to learn more about the difference between these two outdoor tools.

Consider the handle length

An important factor to take into account when purchasing a survival axe is the length of its handle. Even though handle length is a matter of personal preference, short handles are believed to be more convenient for survivalists. For instance, long handles enable outdoorsmen to perform more powerful swings, while short handles are known for their incredible precision.

In terms of space limitations, long handles are both bulkier and heavier than the short ones, hence taking up more space. If you’re looking for an axe to fit inside your backpack, make sure you choose a model whose handle length is a maximum of 14 inches. Longer handles aren’t likely to fit inside, but these can be attached to backpacks without causing any inconvenience for backpackers.

Choose a solid handle material

Survival axe handles come in a variety of materials, each of them beneficial in its own unique way. Wood is undoubtedly the most conventional variant, still preferred by traditionalists who consider these handles as the perfect choice.

Apart from wood, an increasing number of materials have become popular for their conveniences, such as paracord, rubber, and leather. For instance, paracord is known for providing an excellent grip, hence preventing the axe from slipping out of one’s hand.

In contrast, due to its slip-proof properties, rubber axe handles are the most appropriate alternative for wet conditions. Such models allow survivalists to cut branches even when their hands are wet, which isn’t the case with the other materials.

Additionally, leather axe handles are also popular among outdoorsmen due to the amazing comfort and nice grip. However, these aren’t exactly a good alternative for wet conditions, as leather is known to be quite slippery.

Be careful about blade material

One of the most important considerations when purchasing a survival axe is choosing the right blade material. All axe heads are made of metal, most commonly of steel. Anyhow, it’s paramount to pick the right type of steel in order for this survival tool to last for years. Outdoorsmen are provided with the opportunity to choose between blades made of carbon steel and stainless steel, differing in terms of sharpness and resistance to corrosion.

In addition, most survivalists tend to choose stainless steel blades, as this type of metal provides incredible resistance to corrosion and rust. Also, it’s thought to have a nicer appearance owing to its amazing sheen. Perhaps the only downside of stainless steel is being softer than carbon steel, hence requiring more sharpening.

Carbon steel blades, on the other hand, are considerably less popular due to the susceptibility of the material to rust. Additionally, most backpackers find these hatchet blades less appealing, as they lack the necessary sheen. If you aren’t certain in your choice of axe blades, spare some time to view list of the most popular survival axe models. However, the ones whose blades are made of carbon steel retain their sharp edge much longer than stainless steel blades.

Ultimately, make sure you purchase a survival hatchet with a blade made of forged steel. These models are considered to be more long-lasting than the molded ones, thus being significantly higher in price. Survivalists who are willing to spend more on such a tool are strongly advised to purchase a model with forged steel.

Consider weight

Weight is of crucial importance when choosing a survival axe, as it has a significant effect on its portability. When traveling, you aren’t supposed to carry heavy items in order to feel more comfortable. Therefore, it’s important to pick a hatchet with a light head, which you can carry around with ease.

Although hatches with heavy heads are known to be much more effective, these aren’t convenient in survival situations. Make sure you check the product specifications when shopping online in order not to be surprised by the heaviness of the tool when it arrives at your doorstep.

Check out multi-tool axes

Nowadays, there is a large assortment of survival axes, which are a combination of several tools, such as spikes and hammers. These tools have multiple purposes, depending on the type of poll head. For example, spike polls are not only convenient for chopping wood but for digging as well.

In contrast, hammer polls enable outdoorsmen to use the hatchet as replacement of a hammer if they need to fix something with a nail. Such tools are beneficial for survivalists who intend to build a shelter in the wilderness out of debris and wood.

Bottom line

Every survivalist is supposed to be armed with a hatchet.

You will be surprised by its incredible versatility!