Super Mario 3D All-Stars Review

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is the legendary 2020 comeback of the franchise. This release implies the compilation of three 3D platformers, including Super Mario 64 (1996), Super Mario Sunshine (2002), and Super Mario Galaxy (2007). It is worth mentioning that Super Mario Galaxy became one of the most favorite editions of the game among the fans due to constant technical improvements and various modes. Besides, the reboot of the Super Mario franchise is worthy of playing due to Nintendo Switch optimization and numerous technical improvements. Super Mario All-Stars is also available in full HD, which definitely means high-quality visual aspect. Hence, the updated quality of animation and comfortable game control make the gameplay be an unforgettable experience with a favorite franchise.

Super Mario compilation is a representation of the long way of experimenting and improving the 3D platformer. Each gamer has a unique opportunity to play a favorite childhood game with new features and updated visuals. HD quality and new features really matter due to the latest reviews. For instance, the newcomers of the Super Mario franchise, who have never played this game before, do not expect that Super Mario Galaxy is “an old” game released in 2007. So, do not hesitate and plunge into the world of favorite and legendary Super Mario world 3D, as far as it is a time-limited release.

Gameplay Features

Super Mario 3D All-Stars edition makes possible discovering or rediscovering the legendary 3D platform adventures. The main benefit of the renewed release is the blend of a unique atmosphere of the iconic games, HD resolutions, and updated graphics and visuals. Thus, Super Mario World 3D is a chance to discover games at a new level without losing the feeling that these are originals. The game is available for up to 2 plays, and you can share the pleasure of playing the iconic games with your friend. It is also possible to unite forces with your friend in the Co-Star Mode in case you need some extra help while completing a level — all you need is to pass the Joy-Con controller to another co-player. Finally, the All-Stars edition supports 4 languages (English, Japanese, French, and German), as well as 3 play modes (TV mode, tabletop mode, and handled mode).

Some Special Features of the Game

Several new features available in the Super Mario All-Stars make the gameplay more comfortable and pleasant. Nintendo provides new high-quality visual solutions and updates for this edition:

  1. Joy-Con controllers — this device helps to feel the game from the new side. Besides, the Nintendo Switch system is the tool to run, dive, and jump with ease. The controller will also be useful during the two-player mode.
  2. HD resolution for each game changes the whole representation of the iconic games without losing the atmosphere of the originals. Smooth Mario’s movements and updated visuals are definitely beneficial for the best gaming experience.
  3. Music-Player Mode is one more additional feature by Nintendo, which makes Super Mario 3D different from other editions. Each player can listen to the 175 iconic tunes of the favorite games. This feature is available during the playing mode and even in the music-player mode while you are off the game. The screen-off mode is also available.

Quick Review of Each of the Games

Quick Review of Each of the Games

Super Mario Sunshine (2002)

Super Mario Sunshine involves several updates, which make the gaming process more enjoyable and pleasant. The updated Joy-Con controllers help to plunge into the atmosphere of the game, as well as to feel the actions to the full extent. For instance, the rumple became the new feature significant for making all the movements more realistic. As for the HD visuals, the higher resolution with the new 16:9 aspect ratio results in the totally new game’s overall look. The browsable soundtrack is also a thing, which makes the general atmosphere more realistic. Finally, the players have an opportunity to upgrade FLUDD, Mario’s iconic water pump, with different nozzles to improve the gameplay.

Super Mario 64 (1996)

Super Mario 64 (1996


Super Mario 64 became the first 3D platformer Super Mario game; thus, it opens the All-Stars compilation. The release of this game in 1996 was also linked to the launch of the Nintendo 64 system. Undoubtedly, updated features, including the Joy-Con controllers, music-player mode, and new visual solutions, help the gamer to rediscover the world of Super Mario 64. With the updated controller, wall jumping, flying, and backflipping became so realistic, as they have never been before. In case you want to learn more about this 3D platform action game, you can visit Insider.Games where you will find all the necessary information. Finally, the updated and comfortable game control means totally-new experiencing legendary maneuvers, including wall kick and triple jump.

Super Mario Galaxy (2007)

Super Mario Galaxy (2007)

As mentioned above, Super Mario Galaxy is one of the most favorite editions of the game among the fans of the Super Mario franchise. The updated Joy-Con controllers provide an opportunity to mimic the original Wii Remote, which is definitely beneficial for enjoying the atmosphere of the original. Besides, the improved visual resolutions make the graphics really cosmic. The renewed version of the legendary Super Mario Galaxy opens new horizons and opportunities to try various superpowers, including bee mushroom, ice flower, and fire flower.

Wrapping Up

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a compilation of legendary games, which is good to try. This limited edition will be valuable not only for the old-school fans but also for the newcomers to the Super Mario franchise. The high-quality visual solutions and updates, including Joy-Con controllers, HD resolution for each game, and music-player mode, result in the totally renewed game’s overall look, as well as comfortable and smooth game control. That is why you should definitely try the reboot of the Super Mario franchise due to Nintendo Switch optimization and numerous technical improvements. All in all, every player, whether the fan or a newcomer, will feel the atmosphere of the iconic game fully.