Suffering from the side effects of CBD oil? Follow these simple measures to overcome the effect!

When taking CBD in small amount it is not harmful but they can backfire if you’re taking too much. If you like to eat your CBD, for instance, in candy form or as a loaf of bread, you might be wondering how best to regain control over the dosage. If, after consuming Rockstar strain, the effect is too strong or not what you were looking for, there are ways to recover some of the lost product without throwing everything away. One thing is knowing when enough is enough and listening to your body’s signals. Another option is decarboxylation.=


You don’t want your CBD to be too solid in edible form, nor do you want it to melt too much and get lost. A few teaspoons of water can help remedy this problem. However, be careful with the amount of water you use and make sure that the mixture does not dilute the quality of CBD oil. If other ingredients are hidden in the mix, ensure they don’t hinder the decarboxylation process. If you happen to use a decarboxylation cooker, then that may solve the water problem.


It is the best method for decarboxylating your CBD quickly and easily, but it takes a bit longer than using a decarb burner. It is, again, straightforward if you have one of these. You have to dissolve some CBD in water and boil it for 10-15 minutes to remove all the wax and keep the mixture as liquid as possible. If you don’t want any CBD oil wax, use an electric stove instead of your regular one. All electric stoves are very efficient at cooking oil.

Eat Something

Consuming, along with the edible CBD, will increase the bioavailability of CBD. The body can also break down ingredients that are not digestible. It can help you recover some of your loss. If you are worried that the edibles may contain other fibers or fillers, do not consume them. If you are in a hurry, you can also chew on paper to speed up the process. It will help reduce the amount of CBD oil usage passing through your mouth.


Suppose you are in a hurry and know the amount required for your body, exercise. It can help get rid of the extra CBD oil by sweating. However, if you are concerned with the ingredients, then proper research is required. For example, if CBD oil has been mixed with THC, this will not be a viable option.

Get sleep

If you take the dosage in capsules, you might want to get less sleep. Not a big deal, but it is another way of removing CBD oil from your system. Chew on a piece of paper for 2-3 minutes to help decarboxylate the CBD oil. Chewing will also help reduce the amount used, but it can also cause dry mouth problems. Therefore, you should use it only when necessary.


If you’re wondering how to get rid of an edible that’s too strong, then you can try some of the above methods with proper research and awareness about your body. Do not consume CBD if you are consuming an edible. If the effect is too strong, it is better to decarboxylate it and drink water or chew a piece of paper. Exercise will help you lose extra oil, and sleep will help detoxify without removing anything from your system.