Storage Tips for Families With Children & Pets

Living room storage is a major concern for many people, particularly if they have children or pets. You may find some kids do have a tendency of leaving their toys all over your living room. However, having children in your house does not necessarily mean you need to store their toys in every nook and corner of your house. With some simple storage ideas, you can create a room storage system that works for you, your children, and your pets. This will make things easier for you to keep the house clean as well as organize your child’s toys. In this post, we are going to share with you some storage tips that you can further use for 3D modeling your living room or furniture for it.

Living Room Storage Tips

The most important thing to remember about home living room storage is that it should always be organized. This goes for both the living room as well as your child’s room. Do you have too many toys in your child’s room? Well, then you’ll need to consider how you can store them. Your child may have different toys at different stages of their growth. You may decide to start by just keeping only their favorite toys. At the end of their growth, however, kids may be playing with different toys. A good way to store everything is to start with a drawer or a chest in a nursery room. You can store away any toys that a kid no longer needs in the room.

In the living room, do you need to store any toys you do not usually use or display? Do not worry about leaving out your favorite toys or games. This does not mean you need to throw them away. You can simply place them in a drawer or put them in your storage. Just make sure that you make a note of where you keep them in case you need them in the future. If you are planning to buy new toys for your kids, make sure they are safe for their age range. Also, you can prefer jellycat that is number one toy for kids.

For a kid-friendly living room, you can even create storage space in the corner of your room. All you need to do is to install shelves and racks there. These are usually found in the stores that sell furniture and home supplies. Thus, you can also keep your favorite collectibles in this storage.

Do you have a pet in your house? Do you have kids as well? Well, for a pet-friendly living room, you need to consider a pet-friendly storage system. How does it look? Well, you can simply create a basket or a drawer in your living room. You can put all of the toys that your pet might like into it. Alternatively, you can leave a few toys for your children while keeping the rest for your pet.

A Pet-Friendly Storage

Do you have a pet that loves to hide under the sofa and the cushions? Or perhaps your dog may like to spend time under your bed or dresser. Well, why not create a pet-friendly place for them? You can create an “overtake” for your pets and make it similar to the playpen in the form of a hide-a-way.

It can be constructed with wood or made of plastic. You can place all the items that you do not use in your living room but that your pet might like to hide in it. What if your child or your pet finds out you’ve created storage for them? You can always show them that you are helping them with their toys. You can even take out a toy for them and hide it in the storage, without giving them the actual toy.

The Best Furniture for Your Living Room

Now that you know what types of storage you should have, you can select the best furniture for your living room. You may even want to include the storage in your interior design. And here is the best furniture you can use for your storage needs.

  • A chest – This is the simplest type of storage that you can get. Chests come in various sizes and designs. The best part is that they can be of different colors, styles, and materials. You can use them as storage systems for any room in your house. One thing that you should be aware of is that these should be sturdy. You don’t want your child or pet to destroy them in a couple of months or so;
  • A tall wardrobe – Just like a chest, a wardrobe comes in various sizes and designs. So you can always select a model that harmoniously fits into the interior. The great thing about a wardrobe is that it is not only tall and beautiful but also very functional;
  • A sofa with a storage box – The storage will help you to keep your house clean and organized. It will be easy for you to access your child’s and pet’s toys as well as the linens in your bedroom. This type of storage can also help you to keep the house clutter-free. If you want to include storage in your home, make sure that it should be functional and sturdy enough.

Living room storage is something that a lot of homeowners struggle with. When your children start to play and your pets start to get on the furniture and in the cushions, you will need to find a way to help you keep the room clean and clutter-free. It is actually very easy to achieve these goals. All you need to do is to be organized and have the right tools to keep your house free of clutter.