Start your Coaching Career with the Best Executive Coaching In Singapore Certification Courses

When you decide to take up a certification course in coaching training, you must understand the differences between the types of coaches and coaching certifications. There are many kinds of certification programs available, from executive coaching to personal development programs to performance coaching and life coaching. What kind of coach you are or the stream of your coaching determines the type of certification that will be relevant to you and add value to your career. All coaching certification programs have one thing in common – it imparts a defined set of competencies after completing the program and evaluating you on your proficiency about these competencies. To gather more information, you can log on to

The information provided in this article will help to choose a coaching career based on your competencies.

Executive coaching 

Coaching the executives is the task of an executive coach who plays the role of a mentor, an advisor, and a challenger. Executive coaching programs are oriented towards enhancing executives’ problem-solving abilities by proper handling of various situations so that they can find quick solutions to the problems by minimizing conflicts. A trained executive knows how to ask questions to understand people’s minds and arrive at some solution. An excellent executive coach enriches the journey by showing them how to elevate themselves from the position or state they are currently facing to the state where they intend to be.

Life coaching – A life coach takes care of improving people’s lives that enhance life quality.  The coaching encompasses all aspects of living and goes beyond the specific boundaries of work, relationships, and finances to accentuate every aspect of life that can contribute to improving the quality of life. A life coach helps people deal with various difficult situations effectively they face like marital problems and divorce or suffer from anxiety, depressions, and trauma arising from relationships. Life coaches can assist people in anything from spirituality to sales performance to addiction.  Whatever issues you might face in life, you can seek help from a life coach who knows about maintaining wellness and wellbeing by overcoming challenges that are part of life only.

Performance coaching

Although performance coaching usually refers to coaching sportspeople, it does not necessarily remain confined within the domain of athletes and sportspeople only. You can take help from a performance coach to elevate your performance in any area of your life. Choose a performance coach by ensuring that the coach can deal with the skills you intend to acquire or improve.

Wellness coaching

A wellness coach’s job is to guide people in maintaining physical and mental health that contributes to their overall wellness and well-being. This training will help them in every aspect of life. A wellness coach can help you achieve your goals of reducing weight, improving physical fitness, and nurturing good mental health by practicing meditation. Wellness coaches typically offer a program of few weeks to help clients improve in the target that will enhance their well-being.