Some of the Best Opening Batsmen in Cricket

In all cricket formats, the openers batsmen have a great responsibility on their shoulders. They have to face the best ballers of the opponent teams, have to score a great run and also have to maintain a good strike rate so that the upcoming batsman can play the game without any fear. They also have to face the ball when it is very new and gives a great chance for the bowler to take wickets. These all things are not so easy for anyone and that is the reason, the selection of the opener batsman is done after looking at many things in any batsman.

If you will search in history, you will find good cricketers who did it very well as the opener batsman. Some of them created history and many others inspired the others to do the same. However, at the same time, there were many batsmen, who just could not justify their selection as opener batsman and people just forgot about them because of their poor performances. They just could not get more chances of the opener batsman while some other players were also there who got sufficient chances to prove them but they could not.

Now if we talk about the best opener batsman, many names you will get due to many factors. Recently the name of some best openers batsman was there in the news and three batsman names were there in all three formats that are Test cricket, one day international or ODI and T20 matches. Two of the batsmen were there from the Indian cricket team and one was from the England cricket team. In Test cricket, the highest run-scorer is Alaister Cook who belongs to England and Sachin Tendulkar from India for ODI and Rohit Sharma in T20I matches.

Alaister Cook is not just the most run-scorer in test matches as an opener but he is also the most run scorer in test matches from England. No, any other players have made the runs more than him so far. His total run in cricket as an opener batsman is 11,845. If we talk about Sachin Tendulkar, he has scored the most runs in one day international as an opener batsman. Along with this, he has also scored the most runs in test matches and also scored the most numbers of centuries in cricket.

In one day internationals, Sachin has scored the highest runs as the opener batsman. His total score is 15310 as an opener in 50-50.  Now if we talk about the best opener Batsman in T20, here also the names comes from the Indian team players. And the player is none other than Rohit Sharma who is also known as the Hitman of Cricket. His total score as an opening Batsman in T20 cricket is 2313. He has also one more record in T20 matches. He is the cricketer who scored most centuries in T20 cricket.

Hope the players who are still active in cricket will make more records in the coming future in cricket.