Some Important Facts to Keep in Mind While Claiming Workers’ Injury Compensation

Injuries at work are very unfortunate, yet every year millions of workers get injured at their workplace. If at any time you get injured at work then it is a must for you to immediately contact a law firm because until and unless you do that you will not get the full injury compensation that you are entitled to. In this article, we will discuss some important facts that you should keep in mind while claiming workers’ injury compensation.

Immediately Report Your Injury to Your Employer

To claim your injury compensation, you have to immediately report the accident to your employer. To protect your compensation eligibility, you have to visit the doctor that your employer will approve based on your residential location. And of course, you have to ask for assistance from a reputable personal injury lawyer.

You Are Entitled to Get Full Coverage for Your Medical Expenses

Your workers’ injury compensation will cover all the expenses for diagnosis and treatment of your injury and disability benefits in case of any non-fatal injuries. If your treatment is still undergoing but the insurance agency of the employer claims that you have reached the maximum health then without any delay, you must contact an experienced attorney for safeguarding your benefits for workers compensation accidents.

You Can Claim Your Compensation Even If You Are Not Injured at Work

Yes, that’s right; you do not have to get injured at work for claiming your injury compensation. For example, you can claim your injury compensation if you are at your workplace but got injured during the break time in the cafeteria, or at the parking place that is controlled by your employer. Not only these, even if you are away from your workplace but got injured while performing activities that will benefit your employer then also you are eligible to claim your compensation. This does not mean whenever and wherever you get injured, you can claim the compensation, there are some exceptional cases.

Eligibility for Workers’ Compensation

You need to know that all workers are not eligible for workers’ injury compensation. If you are an independent contractor or if your employer is free from the workers’ compensation under the law then you are not eligible for workers’ injury compensation. But no need to worry, you can get a personal injury claim that will cover all your losses due to injuries in such cases.

Disability Benefits Provide Partial Wage Replacement

According to the Department of Labor and Workforce Development, you may be entitled to temporary disability benefits, after getting injured in your job which is paid by the employer’s insurance agency. But in most cases, the disability benefits are much less compared to the normal wages. So, it is very important to check whether you have personal injury claims for your work injuries or not.

Insurance Companies Will Not Guide You

Never rely on your employer’s insurance companies. Most workers are under a misconception that their employer’s insurance company will guide them with their compensation rights and benefits but the reality is exactly the opposite. These insurance companies always tend to delay or reduce the workers’ claims because they get a financial incentive for doing so.


These are some important facts that all workers should keep in their mind while claiming their workers’ injury compensation. Remember, an unnecessary delay will do you no good. It will become more difficult for you to win the compensation if you wait for long. So it is best to contact an attorney as quickly as possible.