Social Networking for Seniors

Way, way back, families used to live very closely together. Members did not have any difficulty in communicating with each other, including grandparents and other seniors of the family.  In fact seniors would often live out their end of days with their children.

But those were the olden days and times have changed so much since, and these days many families and relatives live far away from each other. People are moving across the country and even abroad. This makes it harder for people to visit their parents or grandparents. Daily visits are out of the question.  Its also important to interact and help keep elderly patients happy which can be done with social technology connections.

However, thanks to modern technology, it makes it now possible for people and their senior/older loved ones to keep in touch with each other. People can communicate with their parents and grandparents any time of the day or everyday, in the daytime or in the evening.

Seniors Have Warmed Up to Modern Technology

Over the last few years as social network has become a common part of our daily lives, seniors have become less afraid to embrace  modern technology, including social networking.  This has happened for many good reasons. And one of them is for them to be able to communicate with their families and loved ones even if they’re far away from each other.

Connecting with Loved ones Through Technology

Today we have the computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, webcams and services such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Skype. Seniors can now contact and chat with anyone they want. They can now see the faces of their loved ones on their computer screens through webcams as over chatting real-time through Skype. It makes them feel that they’re just beside you talking and they won’t mind about the distance at all.

Modern technology has greatly aided us on how we do in our every day lives. The presence of social networking sites such as Facebook has considerably enhanced the seniors’ knowldege and skill on social networking with families, friends and loved ones.

Seniors on Facebook

Facebook is, right now, the top social networking website with over a billion users worldwide. Many senior folks also have their own Facebook accounts, where they can update their status, chat with and call their families and friends, share links, upload their photos and videos, play games, and a lot more. With Facebook, it makes the world seem smaller for seniors and their loved ones no matter where in the country or in the world they live.

With Facebook also being accessible on mobile devices, seniors can also do the same things (as Facebook on desktop Internet) while they’re on the go.

Seniors Communicating through Skype

Some of the ways you can connect to your family and friends is through Skype and a webcam. When you have a Skype account on your laptop or PC with a web cam you can see the caller. Many people enjoy being able to see their family while they are talking. This makes it possible to join in on special birthday parties or other activities that are important to many seniors. It helps to keep families close together even though they are miles away.

Seniors Interacting Online

It is possible to set up your webcam in the corner of a room and record your child’s birthday party while grandmother and grandfather are watching from the comfort of their own home. They can participate with live interaction by singing or talking to others that are in the room. Most seniors who use this system have a webcam on their computer so that the family can see them at the same time.

When it comes to social networking seniors are able to contact old school friends or friends down the street talking to them live via Skype and recording at the same time with their webcam. Many seniors enjoy being a part of the world of modern technology.

What are the Benefits of Social Networking for Seniors

Social networking gives a lot of benefits to the elderly. The following are:

  1. It helps them stimulate their mental health
  2. It enables them to make new friends
  3. It helps them to re-connect with old friends as well as with families and relatives
  4. It helps them to somehow come out of their loneliness and isolation.
  5. it helps them to keep what’s happening in their community

Other networking sites created for the senior citizens

If senior citizens find Facebook too young for them or too complicated, there are social networking websites that are specifically geared for them. Senior social networking websites should feature specific interests like healthcare, community and music that they grow up with.

Here are some of the best active websites for the senior citizens so far:

  • ThirdAge ( – this website has a chock-full of really informative and interesting articles and links the moment you first stumble upon it, but they are well-presented that seniors will have no problem in navigating for their favorite topics. Geared especially for baby boomers, ThirdAge focuses on healthcare, lifestyle, sex and relationships/dating, and so much more. It also has a newsletter, horoscope section, special offers and great discounts, etc.
  • AARP Community Site ( – this isn’t a website per se as it is the forum section of the AARP website. Simple layout but information is comparatively limited. However, seniors will find a very active community there discussing a wide range of topics such as health, politics, lifestyle, and a lot more.
  • My Boomer Place ( – It has a great, simple and easily navigable layout. It has galleries, blogs, forums, games and a lot more, and it is specifically created as *the* place for persons to meet, make new friends and find a possible relationship.
  • The Cool Grandma ( – who says seniors never have the fun at all? This website has discussion groups, links, articles, chatrooms and a lot more.

And there are many more ways seniors can get plugged in on-line to friends and family.