Sleeper feather pajama set: high fashion explained

Sleeper has always been proud of its garments fitting for any occasion. For instance, owning one of Sleeper feather pajama sets, a person owns clothing in which it’s good to stay at home as well as have a good time at a party.

This pajama set is good even for a movie. At least the creators of the series about the life of a young American girl in the capital of France think so. And for good reason: the blue pajamas adorned with feathers from Sleeper fit in perfectly with the range of Emily in Paris outfits.

Actually, Sleeper is a brand producing not just pajamas; the feather pajama set is just one of the company’s garment models. The brand appeared in 2014, it was founded by Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa. The young women decided to make their ideas come true and create pajamas that would be fitting for different occasions. That’s how Sleeper was started as a company manufacturing “walking sleepwear”, inspired by the famous “Curly Sue” movie.

The brand constantly evolves, these days Sleeper produces various types of clothes. Among the latter one can find pajama sets, dresses, lounge suits and more. The popularity of Sleeper really impresses, especially considering that lots of celebrities, for instance, Millie Bobby Brown or Brie Larson have the brand’s garments in their wardrobe. Who could have guessed at the very beginning that the concept would prove such a success?

Now it’s almost holiday time and there are coming occasions and parties for which the feather pajama set will turn out to be perfect.

Why is the Sleeper feather pajama set an ideal party outfit?

1) The garment is very light and doesn’t restrict movements. By the way, it’s made of viscose, which only makes the feeling of comfort stronger while wearing the set.

2) The feather pajama set is called so for a reason: it features feathers that can be easily detached if needed. The feathers make an image created by the garment feel more flirty, gleeful and far less serious.

Sleeper pajama sets: comfort and luxury for everyone

Sleeper’s stock features various pajama sets among which there are such ones as:

  • Party pajamas
  • Sizeless pajamas
  • Linen sets with shorts
  • Linen sets with pants

Party pajamas are especially popular at the end of December as the celebration time is drawing nearer.  Are you willing to trust Sleeper’s concept of comfort and style? If so, you aren’t going to be disappointed. But let’s get back to the Sleeper pajama sets for parties. The Sleeper party pajama set is a garment perfect for having fun and there are reasons for that:

1) The set is designed to give comfort to the wearer and make them feel as if the garment were a part of their body. It’s achievable thanks to lightweight materials used in the process of manufacturing.

2) Made from viscose, the party pajama set can be worn while doing something energetic. Besides, the design looks great and attracts admired glances.

3) Some models from the Sleeper party pajama line have easily detachable feathers lighting the mood and emanating feel-good vibes.

What about sizeless pajamas?

They have no rivals among garments made for wearing at home. When having no appointments or meetings to go to, the Sleeper sizeless pajamas are great to wear at home. The color patterns available are more than one, so, be sure, that there will be much to choose from.

Those loving more classical designs will be delighted to discover the Sleeper linen set with shorts or pants.

The Sleeper loves linen for its quality and biodegradability. Thus, by buying a Sleeper linen garment the customer can be assured of receiving a set made from the highest quality pure linen.

The garments are excellent to change an image and feel a little bit different but no less good.

Another fact that is probably worth mentioning: every purchase is packed in a paper bag which is sure not to litter up nature.

Finalizing on Sleeper pajama sets

The Sleeper team really tries to make clothes that customers will associate with comfort and pleasure. There may be dozens of occasions on which a lady can wear Sleeper garments. The nearest occasions are Christmas and New Year, so why not go online right now and choose something for yourself or maybe your relatives? Let’s get ready for the wonderful holiday time together!

Sleeper’s stock is quite impressive, it includes lots of models and items.

This time Sleeper has tried to round up the ideas of the best outfits that would do great for any holiday party.

What is Sleeper offering this time?

You can choose something from the number of:

  • Sleeper pajamas sets
  • Linen sets

Why are they garments which are truly worth attention and money? Definitely, these clothes can be called quality ones as they are made from fine biodegradable materials; thus, Sleeper clothing is pleasant to wear and safe even for sensitive skin.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, take Sleeper with you! The brand’s clothes are great for any occasion.

Do you want to complete your image based on something from the Sleeper stock?

The brand offers lots of shoes and accessories. A stylish bag can never spoil a party pajama image but it will only highlight a lady’s elegance and nobility.

It only takes a quick look through Sleeper fans’ photos on social networks to find lots of interesting ideas on what garments go with what accessories. That’s how Sleeper encourages creativity in fashion.