Sci-Fi Tech We Can Now Use in Real-Life

Science fiction is awash with futuristic technology that was born in the minds of some extremely creative thinkers. Though those who came up with them might never have expected to see them in reality, much of this tech is slowly appearing on the market. Here are some great examples of tech that was once considered to be utterly futuristic that is now a very real part of our lives.

Contactless Keycards

When you used to watch a film or TV show that involved the heroes breaking into the villain’s lair, they would probably have to pick up a key card somewhere that would allow them to access doors and computers. By taking one of these cards from an unsuspecting guard, their mission would be much easier.

Nowadays, this technology exists in the form of ID cards and RFID wristbands such as those that can be purchased at ID Cards Direct Ltd. The companies that use these are not run by supervillains but are often everyday businesses that offer a variety of services and products. They use cards like this to control who can get into certain employees-only areas, and to be certain that sensitive documents and data is well-protected.

Tablets and Small Computers

The idea of being able to carry a powerful computer around in your pocket would have been utterly amazing to someone in the 1980s. Back when computers were bulky and had limited functions, those who used them would have been blown away by the functionality of our smartphones and tablets.

However, the idea of a portable computer has been popular for many years. One of the best examples comes in the form of the PADD from Star Trek. This handy device allowed the crew of the Enterprise analyse data on the go, and it forms a key part of many of their missions. The most interesting thing about this is that it in turn inspired the design of the iPad.

3D Printing

Science fiction is packed with being able to instantly replicate items. Scanners and printers quickly create whatever someone might need, from food to weapons, or even just a change of clothes. While we are a long way from this sort of technology, we do have something similar in the form of 3D printing.

Depending on the size and complexity of the piece, we can replicate an object in just a matter of hours. They can also be produced in a variety of different materials. This has already revolutionised many industries and the tech is only poised to become even more finely tuned.

These are just three examples of tech that once existed in sci-fi, but we can now use in real life. More and more scientists are entering research and development projects having grown up wishing for these objects from their childhood. How long will it be before we see something like a lightsabre on the market? Only time will tell. Our ability to experiment and make fun things will always produce some very interesting results.