Schools Where You Shouldn’t Get Your Creative Writing Degree At

You must make sure that the school that you are choosing to get a creative writing degree from is a quality one. In addition, it should actually worth the money you are willing to spend on it. Not to mention the time that it will take in the course completion, you will not want to waste that either. Not every school is a reputed one and not every school issues a worthy degree. If your degree is not of much value in the market, your employer will not be happy to give you the job and it will take you a while in finding a job for yourself.

Dubious, Expensive, and Poor Quality Schools

There are plenty of great creative writing programs. There are others which aren’t so good. It is important that individuals figure out pretty early on, which ones are which and avoid the latter. Doing a little investigating can help a person stay away from those schools which have poor quality creative writing programs.

A. Those that aren’t accredited: It is very important that whatever school a person decides to attend is accredited. If it is not accredited, it won’t be well respected and an employer may not even acknowledge it. This would mean that a person would have effectively wasted both their time and money.

B. Those that are extremely expensive: While most people don’t expect college to be cheap, they don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money either. In this day and age, most people can’t afford to. While the 90s were a prosperous decade, the 2000s have largely been anything but. For this reason, it is very important that individuals planning to go to college are able to find one that is affordable.

C. Those from “degree mills”: There are some colleges that have been deemed degree mills. Many of these can be found online. Now, there are a few very good online colleges but there are an equal number, if not more, which are not. Degree mills are colleges which don’t really teach students much nor require much of them. Instead for a fee, sometimes a large one, the college or university will grant the student a degree.

Degrees from degree mills aren’t worth much. If a particular college has reputation as being a degree mill, an employee may not even consider the degree valid. This would effectively make the diploma a waste. People typically obtain a degree in order to secure a job or a better job. If a person isn’t able to, they have wasted their money.

After a person has decided to obtain a creative writing degree, they will need to choose a college to attend. During this process, there will be some colleges that individuals should avoid. They include, but are not necessarily limited to, those that aren’t accredited, those from “degree mills” and those with extremely high tuition rates and fees.


In short, if you want to get a creative writing degree and that too from a good school then you must consider that they are affordable, accredited and are not degree mill schools.