Review of the Kane Chronicles

My synopsis of each Kane Chronicles books

The Kane series, which was written by Rick Riordan, is very similar to his other best-selling Percy Jackson series. In this review of the series, I will be giving a short summary of each book. There are three books in the series: Book 1: The Red Pyramid, Book 2: The Throne of Fire, Book 3: The Serpent’s Shadow.

Book 1: The Red Pyramid

In this book, the main characters of the series: Carter and Sadie Kane discover that they are the descendants of two pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. Their father, Julius Kane, accidentally sets free five Egyptian gods. These five were Osiris, Horus, Isis, Set, and Nepthys; they were the children of Nut the sky goddess and Geb the earth god. Isis and Horus choose Carter and Sadie to be their hosts in the mortal world. The god of evil, Set, took over Carter and Sadie’s Uncle, Amos and used him to lure them into trap. Carter, Sadie, and their new magician friend, Zia Rashid, must stop Set from creating a sandstorm that could potentially destroy the world.

Book 2: The Throne of Fire

This book starts off a few months after the first book ended. Carter and Sadie have new trainees to teach at Brooklyn House. They are trying to reawaken the usage of the forgotten magic, the path of the gods. They must overcome trials and differences if they are to reawaken Ra, the king of the gods, from his slumber. They need Ra because the giant chaos snake, Apophis, is awakening and if he is not stopped, Apophis will turn the world into a literal sea of chaos. Fortunately, Carter and Sadie have help from the gods themselves. Bes, the dwarf god, Anubis, the god of death, and Bast, the cat goddess will help them through their journey.

Book 3: The Serpent’s Shadow

This is the final book in the Kane Chronicles. Apophis has awakened, and Ra has turned out to be an old, senile god who cannot hope to take on Apophis. The only hope for the Kanes to win is through Apophis’ssheut, or shadow. They do not need his actual shadow, but one of the five parts of his soul, the sheut (shadow). In order to find the location of his shadow Carter and Zia have to trust a five thousand year old ghost magician to not lead them into death traps and to help them find the book of the Thoth, which will show them the location of Apophis’s shadow. This find will let Carter and Sadie banish Apophis from the mortal world forever.