Remote Learning: How to Stay Productive

Many of us are not used to working from home all the time. What’s more, most of us are not used to being home most of the time or even every hour of the day. However, this is the temporary reality that we have to deal with. As long as the situation in the world doesn’t change, we have to accept that and adjust. Of course, students may have it the hardest. Being away from your classrooms, teachers, and peers can be very difficult for young people. It can also be devastating for your academic successes. Studying on your own from your own bedroom is not so easy. So many obstacles and distractions are on your way to being productive while studying. Well, not anymore. We are here to give some useful tips on how to stay productive during remote learning. Let’s start.

Create a working environment

First thing first, a place where you choose to study plays a crucial role in your chances of success. You may find it hard to adjust all your studying to being at home all the time. Maybe, prior to this year, you used to spend most of your study time in the library. Maybe you preferred group studying. Well, currently, you need to get used to studying solo in the comfort of your own room. So let’s see how you can do the best of it.

Pick a room

If your room has a wrong kind of vibe, you better study in any other room in the house. In fact, it is even better to do. After all, our bedrooms are there to give us comfort, a sense of safety, and peace. We all need a safe space to hide from the outside world. So, having lectures on Zoom from your bedroom may feel like inviting a dozen unwanted strangers to your personal space. Not many will be comfortable with that. You may also find it harder to sleep or seek rest if you spend most of your productive hours in your bedroom. Thus, pick a room where you will feel comfortable and the most productive.

Block distractions

Too often, we think that we are just not capable of remote learning. We are not productive enough or procrastinate too much. In reality, though, we are just easily distracted. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it can even be a good thing since it’s easy to get over it. Think of any distractions that can take away your attention from your books. Get rid of them during your study hours! If it’s your cat, give it to a different room or give it to your parents or roommates for a few hours. If it’s your phone, download an app that blocks any apps or sites that tempt you to get distracted. As we have said, a bedroom doesn’t really fit for the productive atmosphere. So, if you study at home, you need to change some things around the house to help you study better.


Once you are done creating a proper working space, it’s time to work on your time-management skills. A student needs to have good time-management skills to keep up with all the work. It is easy to procrastinate most of the time and then pull an all-nighter and finish up your assignments 12 hours before the deadline. We are just kidding. It’s never easy. Finding an academic service to buy an essay online when you are that close to a deadline is easy. Pulling an all-nighter is only stressful, hard, and very challenging. What’s more, it’s completely unnecessary. That’s what you should do to stay more efficient with your time.

Create a schedule

To be productive, you need to come up with a schedule. You need to have certain hours when you wake up and when you are going to bed. You need to know what time is your working hours and when you have your rest. It is important to follow such a schedule for a number of reasons. First, you are simply less stressed since you know what is ahead of you. You know how many hours you need to finish your homework, what lectures you are having on Zoom today, and so on. Second, you can be more productive since you are trying to keep up with the schedule you created. Your schedule motivates you.


Prioritizing is a big part of time-management. It is when you know what steps you should take next and why. Students are often guilty of multitasking. They are trying to do everything at once all the time. Well, that doesn’t work. It is much better if you pick a subject and study it until you are done. However, to do your prioritizing well, you need to know all your deadlines and homework.

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