Refresh your living room easily!

Yeah, we know, renovation is no joke at all. You need to have a certain budget, a clear view and professional experience in order to get a great result. However, it is not essential that you change everything if the goal is just a light refresh. See what we mean following the link or continue reading this article.

1. Paint your walls differently

You will be impressed by how much difference a simple coat of new color can make on the whole view. This step is very simple and low on budget, so anyone can afford it. If you are afraid that the new color will not match the design, try it beforehand using a living room 3D planner, and experiment with different shades to pick the best one.

2. Involve some trendy elements

Decorating the whole apartment in a trendy way is not a very smart decision, as they change almost every year. But spending a reasonable amount of money on one or two pieces that are really in style right now could bring new life to something you are already used to. For example, velvet and wood are trendy textures which will hardly lose their popularity in the next 5-7 years.

3. Set new accents

This one is really affordable and easy to make. You just need to change the pictures on the wall, rugs and sofa pillows – and you get a totally different apartment than you used to have before. These are the small details which can bring a huge input into changing the whole atmosphere. Also, if you are looking to buy a new sofa, try choosing a neutral one, so that at any moment you can refresh it with a new set of pillows.

4. Add some vintage

This type of furniture always looks like it has an interesting story behind it. You do not even need to know it, but the piece of furniture will bring some mysterious touch to your apartment. Adding a couple positions of vintage can also become a great way to refresh the living room. And do not forget about the possibility to visualize your changes before implementing them.

5. Elevate your living room with color splashes

What can refresh the interior better than adding some new colors? We thought so and decided to offer you one more option for your creative ideas. Pick a color that could match the style and use it in a couple of places in the room. This trick can help with simple and cheap changes to a boring interior. The only thing you have to be careful with – is the shade itself. Good luck!