Reduce Absenteeism and Cut Costs With Time Attendance Management System Software

Sometimes people get sick or have an emergency at home. Fortunately, most companies are adequately staffed to handle these kinds of incidental gaps. That said, employee absenteeism becomes problematic when workers are calling in without an adequate reason. In this article, we explore in more detail what absenteeism entails and what you can do about it by adopting time attendance management system software.

Why There Is Absenteeism 

Absenteeism can take on a couple different forms. On one hand, you have just that one employee who makes it a habit of calling out all time, usually at the last minute. This can be a frustrating matter, especially if you are short-staffed and have to find a replacement fast. Fortunately, you may be able to address the problem simply by talking with the employee one-on-one.

Absenteeism becomes a greater problem when it grows rampant among multiple employees. Maybe you have a lax company policy about attendance and too many people start taking advantage of it. Maybe you do just have many employees who need to attend to different pressing issues in their life.

Whatever the case, you need to address the issue before it morphs into a costly problem. This is where time attendance management system software comes into play. 

Making Absenteeism Concrete

An effective time attendance management system software can break down the numbers for you so you can see if absenteeism is a problem in your workplace and to what degree. 

 Some programs even offer a geofencing feature. Geofencing is a type of GPS technology that can track the cellphone of your employees. This works great for open-access work areas such as lawn care or venues that change every day.

 Biometric systems are great for closed-access facilities. These systems are scanning time clock devices that measure a person’s physical attributes such as a fingerprint. Employees simply put their thumb on the reader and are clocked in and out. 

 Mobile scheduling features are a must for employers in the restaurant or medical professions. In fact, any company where employee’s hours are subject to change can benefit from these applications. Schedules are instantly sent to workers on a dedicated line. Employees can also make leave requests through the software.

 Sometimes absenteeism is a result of poor planning. Employees who don’t keep track of sick or personal leave may make snap decisions about showing up for work. An employee portal application allows employees to view their records from their phones 24/7. 

Prevent Absenteeism From Costing Your Business With Time Attendance Management System Software 

Time is money. That axiom has always held true. If you are chasing down workers or standing in for a worker who doesn’t show up, it is costing you somewhere. As an employer, you need to do all you can to prevent buddy punching and chronic absenteeism. A workforce stretched too thin can lead to costly errors. Unfortunately, policing employees can get tiring fast, especially when you have other important matters to attend to.

Absenteeism doesn’t have to be an expensive problem. Try a time attendance management system and make your business more stable and cost effective. 

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