Recommendations For A Quick Pack Up And Go Camping In A Campervan

Most people out there believe that going camping is a stressful task, especially with the packing process. However, contrary to popular belief, going camping shouldn’t be that much of a difficult task, if you know what you’re doing. Moreover, the introduction of campervans has made the life of a camper all the more effortless because every basic necessity will be at your fingertips.

Hence, in this comprehensive guide, we’ll be sharing some tips & tricks that you can follow so that you can quickly pack your belongings and get ready to go on a trip in a campervan.

Must-Have Items To Take With You On A Campervan Trip

1. Coffee Mugs & A Thermos

Whatever beverage you & your co-passengers like – be it coffee or tea – make sure you carry enough mugs to enjoy your favourite beverage. According to a reliable company offering campervan for rent, ensure that you carry a thermos as well so that you can keep your beverage hot at all times during the trip.

2. Quick-Dry Towels

Towels are a must when you’re going on a trip in a campervan. Make sure you purchase a bunch of quick-dry towels because they dry faster than regular ones and you’ll always have one beside you whenever you need it. If possible, delegate at least one towel to each of your co-campers.

3. Hard-Shell Luggage Units

Since you’re going on a camping trip, taking hard-shell luggage would be the most prudent choice because they’re tough, water-resistant and can survive drops or impacts. Hence, you can expect all your belongings to stay nice and intact throughout your trip. Ensure each passenger has his or her luggage unit so that one’s belongings don’t get mixed with another.

Crucial Items To Carry When Travelling With Children In A Campervan

4. Carrier Packs

If your child is one to two years old, then you need to keep your child with you at all times. Moments like these are when carrier packs come in handy because you can keep the carrier pack along with your child, tied to your chest/breast or your back.

5. Snacks & Chocolates

Snacks & chocolates are a must-have when travelling with kids. Make sure you include some healthy snacks & chocolates into the mix as well.

6. Blankets

Since you’ll be travelling into the wilderness with your campervan, having some cosy blankets with you to keep yourself and your child warm is crucial. You’ll never know what the weather’s going to be like, so it’s better to stay on the safer side.

Additional Items: Don’t forget to pack your food items, toiletries, medicines, first aid kit, electronic devices & their respective chargers and some torches with batteries.

Lastly, have a safe & happy trip!