Reasons you need to create strong Instagram story ads

Instagram is one of the most celebrated images sharing platform. However, today, it has become much more than just a platform to pit up all of your well-filtered pictures of the delicious meals that you are eating. Throughout the last couple of years, Instagram has completely transformed itself. — It is no more a place to share just your pictures. Instagram is now often used to promote businesses as well. There is even a list of top sites where you can buy likes and followers for instant promotion.

Today, you can sell your product or even use the platform to launch a product. Instagram gives the business account a catalogue option to insert their direct links for shopping onto the website. It is also home to several thousands of influencers from across industries who can in a true sense make or break your services and products.

So, Instagram, which once was limited to being a whimsical platform to put up your pictures or share pictures with friends, is now growing to be a platform for businesses to grow.  See the review of SocialEmpire before purchasing IG followers.

Instagram Stories and Story Ads

 Approximately 4 years ago, in the year 2016, Instagram came up with a revolutionary concept of Instagram stories. It used to small 15-second videos or photos, which would be displayed on your profile for just 24 hours. It was Instagram’s bid against the rising popularity of Snapchat. Though WhatsApp and Facebook, too, launched a similar concept of stores, it never got as popular as the stories of Instagram. With time, stories became the most perfect place for the brands to engage with their audience, share some content, and accumulate a fan base. During that time, you could see Insta ads only on your feed. 

However, with time, the popularity of ads in the feed was almost diminishing. Thus, came the need for a new form of Insta ads, which were the Instagram story ads. It was a 15-sec ad that would put forth the best aspects of your business. These smartly designed ads had a much better conversion rate. Sanaya , a student who got help at TrumpLearning educational posts, shares her experience stating that she put up a 15-sec Instagram ad about her product that she just started, and these ads certainly did wonders for her. Certainly, Instagram ads are the perfect medium to share valuable information with your audience.


Now, to tell you the truth, there are a bunch of reason why you should be using the Instagram ads for business. You can easily make these ads in the Ads Manager or the Creative Hub, all of which come with an array of objectives for you to pick from. So, now, depending upon what you wish to achieve from this ad, you can pick from these objectives:

Brand Awareness

Donna says that she used Instagram ads to promote her online assignment help services. It is a perfect medium to tell your audience about your new product or service, and popularize your brand. So, be it a new brand or an existing brand that has a bunch of products in their portfolio, your products will acquire huge sales only when people know about your brand. 


When you can grab more eyeballs, you are better able to sell more products. Eliza, says that for her Instagram stories did get her massive success when she wanted more and more people to know about her accounting homework help services. 

Video views

As a creator, if you wish to put forth your video content, there’s absolutely nothing better than Instagram stories. It certainly helps you get more views on the videos.   


It is particularly beneficial for people, who have a particular objective of converting their ad views into a specific action on the app or the website, it could be reviewing a service, buying a product, or subscribing to some plan. Yasmeen, says that she made a beautiful ad about her pay for writing papers service, and that ad certainly brought more people to her page and increased the conversion rate. 

App installations

Are you struggling to get people from your website to your newly launched app? If yes, you can select this objective, and you’ll certainly get higher app installs. 

Lead generation

Do you wish to get more of sales leads, such as the phone number, demographic information, customer name, and email address? If yes, you can opt for this objective, and you’ll get a sufficient database of your potential customers.  


Similar to the app installation, this objective helps send your audience to your website. Consequently, you get higher traffic on the website, and your objective is materialised.

The story ad feature of Instagram is certainly the best way for the products to reach their customers, businesses to sell their products or services, and brands to engage with the audience. It is an excellent medium to ensure that you have your customer’s full attention. Thus, it is best to opt for this ad format and make your brand a hit. Don’t forget to produce high-quality ads that are profitable for your business.