Reasons to be Happy Amid the Global Crisis

It might seem insensitive to be happy when thousands of people around the world already died due to the coronavirus. Millions more are in hospitals and are fighting for their lives. However, you also can’t focus only on the terrible news at all times. You have to look for reasons to be happy. Otherwise, you will feel anxious and stressed out. These are some reasons to smile and be optimistic.

You have more time at home 

Before the lockdown orders, you barely spent time at home. You have to leave early in the morning to beat the traffic. At night, you couldn’t go back home immediately since you have to finish a lot of tasks in the office. Due to the stay-at-home orders, you’re working from home. There’s no need to rush for work. You have more opportunities to relax. You can even enjoy the presence of your children. There are many activities you can do with them that you couldn’t do before since you were too busy. When things get back to normal, you will miss the amount of free time you have to be with the people you love.

You’re still earning money and can afford to buy the needs

If you managed to keep your job and work from home, you’re lucky. Not everyone kept their job since they couldn’t do it without customers. Even pilots who trained for years got laid off because flights are down by up to 90% around the world. Since you kept your job, you still have a stable income source. You never worry about where to get your money to pay for your bills. You even have reduced workload but maintain the same pay. Smile and feel good about it since many people are in worse shape.

You have more time for yourself

When you were still busy with work, you keep complaining about not having time for yourself. You always think about others. Now that you have to stay at home, you can do the things you love. If you want to relax while bathing, you have more time to do it now. You can even invest in a new bathtub and stay longer in the bathroom. If you want the best choices, you can visit

You became more aware of your health

Before this pandemic, how often did you wash your hands? Did you even care about maintaining distance when in public? You don’t even bother disinfecting the surfaces at home. Given the constant reminders we hear from experts across media platforms, we became more conscious of our actions. Although these reminders are essential to ward of a potential viral infection, it’s also applicable to other illnesses. Even when this pandemic is over, you will keep on doing these things because you know they’re good for your health.

Sure, there are terrible things that happened because of this pandemic. Despite that, you still have reasons to be grateful. Always look at the bright side and feel optimistic. We can get through this and learn a lot from what happened.